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TUF 21 results, recap (Ep. 6) for 'ATT vs. Blackzilians'

FOX Sports

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 21 returned to FOX Sports 1 last night (Weds., May 27, 2015), featuring episode six of the combat sports reality show, pitting American Top Team (ATT) against the neighboring (and despised) Blackzilians squad.

So now that Hayder Hassan was able to get a win for his team and secure home-gym advantage, ATT is acting like they won the Super Bowl, hootin' and hollerin' as the Blackzilians try to figure out what went wrong (recap).

Marcelo "Grilo" Alfaya is walking around the TUF house wondering when he'll get a chance to fight. Meanwhile, the Blackzilians squad is trying to decide on which welterweight will try to avenge last week's loss. Jason Jackson is picked because "he loves that feeling of adversity," according to team owner Glenn Robinson.

Tyrone Spong gives another one of his profanity-laced pep talks and Jackson reveals his nickname is the "Ass-Kicking Machine." Striking coach Jason Gochez calls Jackson a "dynamic striker." Meanwhile, the ATT coaches agree to give Alfaya his chance to fight.

"Grilo" says he will only win if that's what God wants and if God wants him to lose, then he will lose.


Time for the weigh ins and ATT head cheese Dan Lambert acknowledges Jackson as a tough fighter, just as Robinson gives the proper credit to Alfaya. Both fighters hit the 170-pound mark without incident and I will say that "Grilo" has some crazy eyes.

Jackson looks unfazed.

So uh ... Alfaya is doing some weird-ass breathing exercise -- designed to mimic the erratic pace of a fight -- which sounds like he's in labor or perhaps ejaculating. It's kind of disturbing, actually, and even his own teammates are having a laugh over it.

Jackson, by contrast, shadowboxes and talks tough.

It's time for the fight and ATT has packed the house, even going so far as to bring someone in with a drum to perform a war chant. UFC President Dana White says a bunch of things like "this is just like a real UFC fight!" before we cut to commercial.

Time to get after it.

170 lbs.: Jason Jackson vs. Marcelo Alfaya

Round 1: Touch of gloves and Jackson pawing the jab. Alfaya with a low base trying to play defense. The ref calls time out because the Brazilian somehow lost his mouthpiece and now gets a warning for it. Jackson finding a home for the jab but "Grilo" answers with a few of his own while also stalking controlling the center of the Octagon. He shoots and tries for the takedown -- gets it -- but can't hold his opponent down. Jackson gets himself off the cage and they go back to the striking battle. Some pitter-patter striking and Alfaya goes for the takedown but gets stuffed. Not a single kick to be found in this fight. Alfaya pushes Jackson into the fence and tries again for the takedown but can't make it happen before the horn. 10-9 Alfaya.

Round 2: Back to the stand up and what appears to be a recurring theme here is Jackson trying to play the finesse game while Alfaya throws punches like he's in a bar fight. Not much action in this round. "Grilo" drops his hands and bobs and weaves and his corner blacks out, screaming at him to fight. I think he has a shit stain on his fight trunks. Meanwhile, this fight sucks because it has devolved into a sloppy kickboxing match. Alfaya shoots with a minute left in the fight and can't get the takedown. Blackzilians are cheering. Back to the jab-a-thon as time expires. 10-9 Jackson.

I had it tied one apiece but the judges disagree.

Final result: Jason Jackson def. Marcelo Alfaya via decision

Here's where we stand after week six:

ATT (50 points):

Marcelo "Grilo" Alfaya (16-7, 1 NC)
Hayder "Hulk" Hassan (6-1)
Nathan "Soul Force" Coy (14-5)
"Creepy" Steve Montgomery (8-2)
Michael Graves (4-0)
Sabah "The Punisher" Homasi (8-4)
Uros Jurisic (4-0)
Steve Carl (21-4)

Blackzilians (150 points):

Jason Jackson (4-2)
Luiz "Buscape" Firmino (18-6)
Kamaru "The Nigerian Nightmare" Usman (5-1)
Andrews Nakahara (4-2-2)
Carrington Banks (3-0)
Vincente Luque (7-4-1)
Felipe "Balboa" Portela (8-2)
Valdir "Baby Monster" Araujo (14-5)

After the fight, Dana White -- as well as the coaches -- shit all over the fight for being a dud.

Either way, the festivities head back to the Blackzilians gym for episode seven. Jackson celebrating like he won the Olympic gold medal but that wasn't exactly a show-stopping performance. "I planned on knocking him out," he insisted. In the ATT gym, Alfaya blames Jesus for the loss. Seriously.

See you next week!

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