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UFC 189's Conor McGregor says Jose Aldo camp 'done with the game' after recent retirement announcement

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One last job, one week from retirement. However you phrase it, flags raise.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo will reportedly make an unspecified announcement following his upcoming showdown with Conor McGregor, which takes place at UFC 189 inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 11, 2015.

With so little to go on, fans and mixed martial arts (MMA) media are forced to speculate. Personally, I'm leaning toward a move up to the lightweight division.

The brash McGregor has another idea.

"Notorious" suspects Aldo might be bowing out from the sport, according to, citing and criticizing Nova Uniao head Andre Pederneiras' announced retirement in 2016.

"How's his coach gonna say he's gonna retire when he has the biggest fight of his life coming up? C'mon, what is that? They're done with the game."

That condemnation didn't stop him from offering Pederneiras an alternative career path.

"Maybe Andre can come over here and hold pads for me and chill out with me. [If] he wants a job, he can have a job here."

As common as the trope is and as ominous as it is, it's worth noting that bringing up retirement isn't necessarily a death knell. Just this month, Mark Munoz walked into Manila, Philippines, prepared for it to be his final fight, then took home an impressive upset victory.

Floyd Mayweather has been planning for some time to walk away from the sport in September, but that didn't stop him from cruising past Manny Pacquiao.

Of course, as stated before, this is all just speculation.

Aldo could be planning to announce a new brand of cereal with marshmallow bits shaped like McGregor's crying face (complete with grape bruises!) for all we know. Still, it's another layer of intrigue in one of the year's most anticipated and heavily-promoted battles.

Considering how much UFC has already spent on it, I'm sure Dana and Co. couldn't be happier.

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