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TUF 21: American Top Team owner willing to fight Blackzilians counterpart with 'one hand tied behind my back'

In case it wasn't crystal clear from watching The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 21, American Top Team (ATT) owner Dan Lambert really doesn't like his Blackzilians counterpart, Glenn Robinson, who he branded a "glow worm" during a recent appearance on Submission Radio.

With ATT down 4-1 to its rival South Florida mixed martial arts (MMA) training camp, Lambert confesses it's becoming unbearable to be around Robinson and his "tough guy" role. Lambert says at the end of the first episode when Hayder Hassan and Kamaru Usman began yapping at one other, Robinson reportedly ran up and started "mean-mugging" the ATT welterweights.

His take:

"And I'm just thinking "come on man, it's just not your role. You're not a tough guy". You know? And then in episode two at the weigh-ins, and he's just staring at me at the weigh-ins like he's ready to beat my ass, and I think I said he looked like he thought he was Godzilla ready to eat Tokyo, and I just figured I'd call him out on it and say, you know it's just not you. You don't fit in that picture. Just take the 'tough guy' look of your face. I mean a make-up artist can kick his ass."

While the two camp owners have never come to physical blows, Lambert says Robinson's lawyer offered to have the two sit down to lunch so that he could see in person how the Blackzilians boss is a "really nice guy." But, apparently that's "never gonna happen" and Lambert would much rather slap a dude ... 209-style.

"I would gladly tie one hand behind my back and agree to only use open hand slaps. And I think if you see Glenn - you know, I'm not going to claim to be the most athletic or strongest or fastest or best guy in the world, but you know Glenn's just a.....he's just a glow worm. I mean look at the guy. It's part of what gets to me, is he's trying to portray himself as being something that he's not, and it just really bothers me."

ATT finally got on the board in episode five last Wednesday when Hayder Hassan finished Andrews Nakahara just 48 seconds into the first round. It should come as some relief to Lambert, who says going to the Blackzilians gym for the first four weigh-ins and fights wore on the team's morale.

But, the team owner insists that no matter what happens they're going to keep pushing forward and trying.

You can see if that strategy works by following along with's Jesse Holland as he live-blogs episode six, which will air on FOX Sports 1 at 10 p.m. ET tomorrow night.

This week's Submission Radio topics also included interviews with UFC welterweight Hector Lombard, who wants to squash the "Warmaster" at Metamoris while sidelined by a one-year suspension for abusing steroids.

You can also hear from former UFC welterweight title contender Frank Trigg kicking a downed Jon Jones and World Series of Fighting Featherweight champion Lance Palmer, who says he accidentally slept naked with the UFC Bantamweight champion after getting shmammered one night.

A likely story, indeed.

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