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No longer bullied by Josh Barnett, Hector Lombard wants to squash 'Warmaster' beef in Metamoris match

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Hector Lombard has plenty of free time on his hands, thanks to a one-year suspension by Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) in the wake of a failed steroids test back at UFC 182 in Las Vegas.

One "Showeather" attributes to a careless Olympian.

And since the former Bellator champion is looking to stay active with a planned pit stop in the Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) tournament in August, Lombard is also hoping to use his time off to compete in a beef-squashing match against Josh Barnett under the Metamoris banner, according to his recent comments on Submission Radio.

His words:

"I've actually been calling Josh Barnett out so we can have a fight at Metamoris. I gotta be fair. He's been making good comments about me lately. I kind of like to squash the beef between us... I have nothing against him anymore. I kind of just let it flow. But I do, you know if the opportunity comes and we can compete in a grappling competition with Metamoris or any grappling competition, I would be more than happy to compete against Josh. That's for sure... With all due respect, I see myself winning. I don't see him beating me, and I hope that one day Metamoris can make that fight happen."

Barnett competes at heavyweight, compared to welterweight for Lombard.

The beef stems from a couple of past incidents when the former "Babyface Assassin" tried to bully Lombard inside the gym. Unfortunately for the catch-wresting phenom, "Showeather" -- who refused to "suck up" to the longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran -- was able to get the better of both exchanges. Now he wants to prove it on the grappling mats.

Your move, Mr. "Warmaster."

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