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Hector Lombard: I will prove I don't need steroids to compete at the highest level

"They always believed that I was on something, just because of the way I look and just my physical appearance. I wanna prove that I need none of that to compete at the highest level. I was stupid. I shouldn't have listened to anyone. And it's funny 'cause Joe Rogan made a comment about it like, 'he wanted to beat the system.' I didn't wanna beat no system. I mean, I thought that pill was to make me feel better and obviously it didn't. But I will prove once again that there is Hector here for a long time. I know I'm gonna get back. I know that I'm gonna be fighting soon and I'm gonna be winning, but what devastates me the most is I wanted to fight so bad on the Melbourne card and all that is gone."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight wrecking ball Hector Lombard suffered a serious career setback last February after Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) revealed that "Showeather" (34-4-1, 2 NC) tested positive for the anabolic steroid desoxymethyltestosterone, which not only torpedoed his Rory MacDonald fight at UFC 186, but also benched the Cuban-born Australian for one year and cost him over $100,000. But the most painful part of his pill-popping "mistake" was losing out on the UFC 193 event in his own backyard, something that Lombard told Submission Radio has motivated him to come back even stronger and prove that he doesn't need any mysterious pills to become a UFC champion, even at age 38. Are you, as a fan, willing to give him the benefit of the doubt?

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