MMA Mania.....I'm home.

For years I drank the BloodyElbow kool-aid and thought that the Maniacs were the wrong kind of MMA fans. I was always led to believe that the BE crew was the most welcoming MMA community with fair moderation and the general sense of "don't be a cunt" being the main rule. The kind of place that wasn't MMA Mania. That's what I was sold.

I was lied to.

You see, I spent 4 years posting on BloodyElbow and with almost 9000 comments to my name I became an ingrained part of the community. Some liked me, many hated me, but at least I was there. I don't know when it began to change - maybe it was the introduction of WMMA or the Fallon Fox threads or all the "groundbreaking" reports of MMA fighters breaking the law....but BE changed. Moderation became tighter. Political correctness was so over the top in the comment section it became a constant circlejerk. Cynicism towards the UFC is the only acceptable point of view. In short, it sucked.

For me, it came to a head about 10 days ago. I have a very enlightening conversation with Al Iaqunita on twitter after Al compared losing his sponsorship money to the Holocaust. I tweeted to him that was such a stupid comparison, and tagged BE's twitter wondering why they wouldn't jump on Iaqunita for making such a sloppy statement. The conversation between Al and I progressed as he told me he didn't give a fuck about the fans, and how fans should go watch baseball if they want to see popular sponsors. I told him that was also a dumb statement, he called me a pussy from Canada, I told him he was a PR nightmare and he concluded the conversation by challenging me to a fight. It was pretty epic, and I had the BloodyElbow twitter tagged the whole time wondering if they would chime in. I mean, they literally have a recurring column dedicated to twitter posts, this should be an easy story!

So why is this important? Well when I logged into BE a few hours later, I was banned. My ban message? "You don't get to tag us on twitter while you troll a fighter. Banned forever."

What kind of pussy bans someone for that? Fuck you Bloody Elbow. You lost all your good writers and now you're left with steaming piles of shit that copy and paste articles from other sites. You're literally so congrats on that I guess. The only person who is worth anything is David Castillo who churns out quality shit every time and never gets the respect he deserves. Everyone else is so bad that their fucking community members are being acknowledged as better writers then their own guys. The whole site is just riddled with insufferable cunts.

Some people will tell you BloodyElbow has the best community around. Those people are pussy whipped by BE. Fuck BloodyElbow. Fuck TP Grant.

Long Live Mania.

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