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UFC 187: Donald Cerrone punched in the face at Whole Foods, 'bites the bullet' and walks away

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight contender Donald Cerrone understands what his team mate Jon Jones is going through, and probably would have been under the same level of scrutiny had cameras been tailing him when he was constantly "screwing up."

But "Cowboy" is older now, and much wiser.

As a result, he was able to "bite the bullet" and leave the scene of a physical altercation, one that got him punched in the mouth after a driver was cut short by Cerrone in the crosswalk of a Whole Foods supermarket. In fact, the WEC import was hit so hard during the road rage incident, it knocked his sunglasses right off his head.

Yahoo! Sports has the encounter:

"I was [expletive] livid - seeing fire in my eyes," he recalls. "I look at Lindsay...but now, where I'm at, I just bit the bullet."

"I told the dude, 'You know, this is your lucky day.' He says, 'Oh yeah! I bet it's my [expletive] lucky day!' I was like, 'Dude, if you touch me again, I can't control it. I'm gonna bite this bullet and I'm gonna drive away.'

"We got in the car and left."

Whole Foods would have probably paid his performance bonus in coupons.

Cerrone likely learned his lesson after this incident in 2013, and expects Jones to also bounce back from his latest public mishap: a hit-and-run accident that not only got him arrested, but also forced UFC to strip him of the light heavyweight title (full report here).

A title that will be up for grabs this weekend at UFC 187, where Cerrone fights "Eagle" replacement John Makdessi (more on that fight here).

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