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Rousimar Palhares rips Jake Shields: 'You want to make yourself the hero who submits the bad guy'

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Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Is Rousimar Palhares a "monster," or just misunderstood?

The World Series of Fighting (WSOF) welterweight champion, who was bounced from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for "unsportsmanlike conduct," is a bit miffed over several comments opponent Jake Shields made in recent weeks, including those labeling "Toquinho" a "dirty fighter" (read it).

The Brazilian responds to Shields' criticism through MMA Junkie:

"I don't know how you come to think in this way about me considering we have never even actually met. But I get it -- you want to make yourself the hero who submits the bad guy! No hard feelings. You need to justify yourself, and you should certainly talk it up now, because after the fight, I guess there won't be much that you will want to talk about! And listen, if I do end up hurting you, it won't be because I hate you. It's just because this is MMA, and people don't tap -- like you probably won't - until they are hurt! So guess what? I'll give you a rematch in Metamoris if they will have us, and you can try again to defend my ankle and leg locks."

Palhares has a history of holding submissions long after the tap.

Getting leg-locked by the hulking Brazilian (ouch) is not a foregone conclusion (see Belcher, Alan), but Shields will definitely have to be on guard when they collide in the main event of WSOF 22, scheduled for Aug. 1, 2015 inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who ya' got?