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Cris Cyborg writes 500-word essay on Ronda Rousey's grumpy face

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Every time Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey conducts an interview with the media, stupid reporters like me try to bait her with questions about fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. (derpitty-derp-derp) or ask her when she will finally fight Cristiane Justino.

She speaks her mind, we rush back to report it, and you click on it (if you didn't, then how did you get here?).


But unlike Mayweather, who insists he never heard of "him," Justino can't turn a blind eye to the constant jabs from her "Rowdy" nemesis, and took to social media to fire back at the Olympian for comments she made during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show (watch it).

"Cyborg," the reigning Invicta FC featherweight champion, gets wordy on Facebook:

Ronda Rousey keep trash talking ...

When Ronda first started using my name in interviews to build hers during our Strikeforce days it use to make me mad, however it has gotten to the point that I now feel sorry for her.

You can tell she isn't happy with life. She is world champion in the UFC and has the same grumpy face no matter what picture you see of her.

In almost every interview she gives she's talking bad about people whether it is me, Meisha Tate, the Ring Card Girls or an Ex Boyfriend and the only time she ever says anything good about someone is when she is talking about'm sure even she doesn't really believe she's got the best ass in MMA.

This is a girl with very few genuine friends, I mean, the UFC practically had to beg fighters to congratulate her on Twitter for making the cover of sports illustrated.

She has struggled to find an identity away from Judo and fighting and has used her money and popularity to build an entourage. How many of those horsewoman were around before her career took off? would they still be helping her if she wasn't paying for their housing and helping their careers? Only she knows that answer, but there has to be a reason why a World Class Athlete would allow themselves to become victim of substance abuse, wether that is pain pills or other mind altering drugs. I think a lot of her attitude is from insecurities that she has outside of the Octagon away from fighting.

When my fight career is over, I will still have the same friends I had before I started. Regardless if the fight against Ronda ever happens, I can return to Brazil and continue living a blessed life with a family that loves me in a country that admires how I've represented it.

I pray the Ronda can find the same happiness I have, as God has truly blessed me inside and outside the sport of MMA.

If she needs to continue bringing up my name in Interviews and constantly try to put me down for my looks, or my past mistakes, it only shows me that she still isn't confident in herself.

There is a reason why she is saying she will only fight me at 135lbs, despite telling anyone who will listen that she would beat Cain Velasquez, fight Laila Ali, or whatever other nonsense she will come up with in her next interview, and that's because when she loses to me she will lose her whole identity, when the cameras aren't around and everyone has gone home, I think she's just a really lonely-unhappy soul, and that's a sad way to live your life.

I know the real reason why she is unwilling to step up to 140 and it has nothing to do with my past mistakes, and everything to do with her self doubt.

If the fight finally does happen, I'm not coming for the belt, it is her spirit I'm going to break, for all the mean things she has said about me. She made it personal and that isn't something an opponent wants to do against me.

Annnnd roll credits.

Or not, since these two may never fight. Rousey wants Justino to drop down to 135 pounds and prove she can compete without steroids, while "Cyborg" has asked "Rowdy" to meet her halfway, something she was willing to do for Gina Carano.

The good news is, we only have two more years of this.

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