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Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight: Live round by round results blog

To watch full fight video highlights of Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao right now click here.

It's here.

After five long years of waiting, generational kingpins Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will finally battle tonight (Sat., May 2, 2015) in the main event of a blockbuster Showtime pay-per-view (PPV) inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Read next: Read our Mayweather vs. Pacquiao recap. will deliver LIVE, round-by-round coverage of the Welterweight championship clash below, which is expected to start around midnight.

Mayweather (47-0, 26 KO) last tasted defeat in the 1996 Olympic Games, where a blatant robbery left him with a bronze medal instead of a gold. While he's had some close calls as a professional -- most notably in his first bout with the venerable Jose Luis Castillo -- he's been effectively flawless since, effortlessly dismantling some of the best fighters of multiple generations.

Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 KO) has torn through eight different weight classes in his illustrious career, leaving several legends of the sport in battered heaps along the way. In 2012, however, he suffered consecutive losses for the first time in his career, losing a contentious decision to Tim Bradley and suffering a crushing knockout loss to eternal rival Juan Manuel Marquez. Still, he's won three straight since and it's impossible to overstate his accomplishments.


PPV Main Event:

Welterweight Championship: Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao -- Mayweather def. Pacquiao by unanimous decision (118-110, 116-112 x2)

PPV Under Card:

Super Bantamweight: Leo Santa Cruz vs. Jose Cayetano -- Santa Cruz def. Cayetano by unanimous decision (100-90 x3)

Featherweight Championship: Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Gamalier Rodriguez -- Lomachenko def. Rodriguez by knockout at 0:50 of Round Nine

Un-televised Under Card:

154 lbs.: Christopher Pearson vs. Said El Harrak -- Pearson defeats El Harrak via unanimous decision
168 lbs.: Jesse Hart vs. Mike Jimenez -- Hart defeats Jimenez via technial knockout in round six
200 lbs.: Andrew Tabiti vs. Anthony Caputo Smith -- Canceled because Smith had high blood pressure
154 lbs.: Brad Solomon vs. Adrian Granados -- Solomon defeats Granados via split decision


Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao

Round one: Showtime.

Both men pawing early; looks like the left-hand bet wins. Mayweather misses with a right to the body. One minute in. Counter right by Floyd. No big rush from Manny yet, just jabbing from both sides. One minute to go. They trade straights to the body. Straight right connects once again for Floyd. Manny with a right as Floyd retreats. Manny backs him to the corner and might have landed a left before they clinch. 10-9 Mayweather.

Round two: Manny tries to rush, doesn’t connect. Left to the body from Pacquiao, right to the head from Floyd. Floyd circles clear of the ropes. Combination from Manny misses, Floyd clinches and digs to the body. Manny getting him to the corner and ropes but unable to capitalize. One minute in. Double right by Mayweather. Clinch. Three-punch combo from Manny, who tries to open up but gets clinched. Floyd touches him with a long straight right. One minute to go. Clinch. Manny struggling to land when he gets Floyd to the ropes, but does sneak in a left to the body. Manny rushes, landing with a right before getting clinched. 19-19.

Round three: Manny moving forward. Straight right from Floyd, who circles away from a rush on the ropes. Right hand lands for Manny on a lunge. Floyd with a right to the body that Manny calls low. Manny with a two-piece counter. Pacquiao to the body, clinched. One minute in. Floyd avoids a wild left. Pacquiao rushes, clinched. Manny clinches. Lead right by Floyd. Counter right lands. Clinch from Floyd. One minute to go. Good right by Floyd as Manny pivots. Pacquiao rush falls short, Floyd lands to the body. Check hook connects for Manny, Floyd lands a right before the bell. 29-28 Mayweather.

Round four: Lead right from Floyd early. Next one goes to the body, Manny says it’s low. Manny opens up, can’t land clean. Manny opens up on the ropes and corner, not landing clean but making connections. Mayweather hanging out on the ropes. One minute in. Manny’s combinations are making contact but nothing game-changing. Mayweather pops him with a jab. Nice straight left by Manny and Floyd backs up. Floyd covering up as Manny unloads. Nothing connects through the guard and Manny backs off. One minute to go. Manny to the body. Nice right hook from the Filipino phenom. Check hook as Floyd goes to the body. Clinch. Straight right by Floyd, who slips a combination. Manny to the body with the straight left. Check hook from Manny. Great round for Pacquiao, 38-38.

Round five: Floyd pawing with his jab early, digs to the body with the straight right. Manny pursues, lands the right hook at the end of a combo. Body shot from Pacquiao. Floyd just avoids a winging left hand. One minute in. Nice combination by Floyd, including a pair of right hands. Counter right by Floyd, then a stiff jab. Right to the body lands for him. Clinch by Floyd. One minute to go. Floyd backed to the ropes, circles off. Clinch. Clear Mayweather round, 48-47 same.

Round six: Manny opening up early, connects with a heavy left hand that Floyd ducks into. Counter straight by Floyd. Clinch. Mayweather staying off the ropes well. One minute in. Manny digs a left to the body. Clinch. Manny with another left hand and batters Floyd on the ropes, including a powerful sequence of body shots. Floyd shakes his head as Manny opens up. One minute in. Floyd backs him off, attacks the body. Combination by Pacquiao. Floyd using his jab to keep Manny off of him. Combination misses for Manny. Bell. 57-57.

Round seven:Floyd on the advance, flinging right hooks. Right to the body from Floyd. Both men jabbing in center ring. Nice counter jab by Mayweather. Straight left by Manny on the counter. Clinch. One minute in. Straight right by Floyd. Floyd circles free of the ropes. Manny with a body shot as he’s clinched; the ref admonishes Mayweather for holding. One minute to go. Mayweather’s jab keeping his foe at bay. 1-2 from Manny backs Floyd off. Floyd backs away from a 1-2, eats a left to the body on the ropes. 1-2 from Manny, who pursues at the bell. 67-66 Mayweather.

Round eight: Floyd firing his jab early. Manny blitzes, can't land, but does connect with a double left hand. Good two-punch combo by Manny. Floyd circles off the ropes. Lead left by Manny. Combination by Pacquiao. One minute in. Manny whiffs on a counter left. Floyd jabs the body. Counter straight by Floyd. Manny backs him to the corner, Floyd circles off. Lead hooks by Floyd. One minute to go. Straight right by Floyd, stiff jab by Manny. Counter right by Floyd. Manny tries to attack the body at the bell. 77-75 Mayweather.

Round nine: Manny advancing, still can't keep Floyd on the ropes. Combination misses. Stiff jab from Floyd. 1-2 by Manny backs his man off. Manny tries to open up on the ropes and gets held. One minute in. Mayweather backed to the corner, circles off. Stiff jab by Manny. Lead left by Manny. Manny avoiding the jab early, eats a counter right. Manny gets popped by a jab as he tries to advance on the ropes. One minute to go. Counter right by Floyd. Straight right by Floyd. Manny to the body, then a right hook upstairs. Manny trying to open up on the ropes, gets drilled with a right and clinched. Bell. 87-84 Mayweather.

Round ten: Floyd on the defensive early, gets popped with a left downstairs. Counter right by Floyd. One minute in. Good flurry from Manny in the corner. Left hand as Floyd circles off. Mayweather straight right. 1-2 by Manny, then some glancing blows on the ropes. Manny making an effort to keep Floyd from circling off the ropes. Manny to the body. One minute to go. Lead left by Manny in the corner. Flurry by Manny, clinched. Back to the center, Floyd firing his jab. Lead right by Floyd. Floyd circles clear of trouble until the bell. 96-94 Mayweather.

Round eleven: 1-1-2 by Floyd to start the round. Left hook lands for him. Manny rushes, clinched. Body shot from Pacquiao. Floyd with a pair of good left hands. Counter right by Floyd. Body shot lands for Manny on the ropes. Floyd pops him with the counter right. One minute in. Lead left by Manny, then a left hand on the ropes. Right hook lands for him. Body shot on the ropes, the straight left again. Floyd avoids a 1-2, gets moved to the ropes and circles off. One minute to go. Manny opens up in the corner, eats a right hand on the exit. Check hook by Floyd. Again. Body jab from Floyd, who steers clear of Manny on the ropes. 106-103 Mayweather.

Round twelve: The fighters embrace in center ring to start the round. Manny moving forward tentatively. Floyd jabbing well, avoids the ropes. Counter right by Mayweather. One minute in. Body shot by Manny. Good lead hook by Floyd. Manny goes to the body, gets clinched. Manny with a pair of lefts as Floyd circles out. Clinch. One minute to go. Floyd again circles off the ropes. Right cross by Floyd. Manny needs to go nuts. Flurry from Manny on the ropes. Floyd showboating in the last few seconds, steering clear of Manny. 116-112 Mayweather.

Final result: Mayweather def. Pacquiao by unanimous decision


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