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Latest list of 2015 ADCC competitors includes Ben Henderson, Hector Lombard, and Cris Cyborg (Updated)

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The Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) Submission Wrestling World Championship is locked and loaded for Sao Paulo, Brazil, from Aug. 28-30, 2015, and will include current and former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters Matt Hughes, Ben Henderson, and Hector Lombard, among others.

The latest list (updated May 19, 2015) is below:

Super Fight:
Andre Galvao (2013 Superfight Champion) vs. Roberto Abreu (2013 Absolute Champion)

Super Fight:
Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie -- Canceled due to injury

Mario Sperry vs. Ricardo Liborio

1. Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles (2013 winner)
2. Rafa Mendes (invited)
3. Jeff Glover (invited)
4. Justin Rader (invited)
5. Joao Miyao (invited)
6. Eddie Cummings (North American Trials winner)
7. Geovanny "Geo" Martinez (North American Trials winner)
8. Renan Sancar (Rio trials winner)
9. Gabriel Marangoni De Oliveira (Sao Paulo Trials winner)
9. Tezekbaev Rasul (Asian Trials winner)
10. Asadulaev Surkhay (European Trials winner)
11. TBD (2nd European Trials winner)
12. TBD (2nd Asian Trials winner)
13. Jeff Curran (invited)

1. Kron Gracie (2013 winner)
2. Otavio Sousa (pending invitation)
3. Garry Tonon (invited)
4. Davi Ramos (Rio Trials winner)
5. Gabriel "Palito" Rollo (Sao Paulo Trials winner)
6. Vagner Rocha (North American Trials winner)
7. Enrico Cocco (North American Trials winner)
8. JT Torres (pending invitation)
9. Lucas Lepri (pending invitation)
10. Lachlan Giles (Asian Trials winner)
11. Gamrot Mateusz (European Trials winner)
12. TBD (2nd European Trials winner)
13. TBD (2nd Asian Trials winner)
14. Benson Henderson (invited)

1. Romulo Barral (2013 winner)
2. Rafael Lovato Jr. (invited)
3. Felipe Pena (Rio trials winner)
4. Keenan Cornelius (pending invitation)
5. Braulio Estima (first Superfight winner to go back into brackets)
6. Claudio Calasans (Sao Paulio Trials winner)
7. Mike Perez (North American Trials winner)
8. Matt Arroyo (North American Trials winner)
9. Lucas Leite (pending invitation)
10. Craig Jones (Asian Trials winner)
11. Zbigniew Tyszka (European Trials winner)
12. TBD (2nd European Trials winner)
13. TBD (2nd Asian Trials winner)

1. João Assis (2013 winner)
2. Dean Lister (pending invitation)
3. Roberto "Tussa" Alencar (Rio trials winner)
4. Cassio Francis Da Silva (Sao Paulo Trials winner)
5. Jason Bukich (North American Trials winner)
6. Tom DeBlass (North American Trials winner)
7. Tobias Green (Asian Trials winner)
8. Tomasz Narkun (European Trials winner)
9. TBD (2nd European Trials winner)
10. TBD (2nd Asian Trials winner)
11. Hector Lombard (invited)

1. Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida (2013 winner)
2. Vinny Magalhaes (invited)
3. Leonardo Lucio (Rio Trials winner)
4. Gabriel Lyrio Lucas (Sao Paulo Trials winner)
5. Paul Ardila (North American Trials winner)
6. Jason Lees (North American Trials winner)
7. Lee Hyoung chul (Asian Trials winner)
8. Alexander Trans (European Trials winner)
9. TBD (2nd European Trials winner)
10. TBD (2nd Asian Trials winner)
11. Orlando Sanchez (invited)

-60kg (Female)
1. Michelle Nicolini (2013 winner)
2. Mackenzie Dern (invited)
3. Ana Michelle Dantas (Rio Trials winner)
4. Mayra Mello Mazz (Sao Paulo Trials winner)
5. Tammi Musumeci (North American Trials winner)
6. Bia Mesquita (invited)

+60kg (female)
1. Gabi Garcia (2013 winner)
2. Fernanda Mazzeli (Rio trials winner)
3. Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino (invited)
4. Jéssica Da Silva Oliveira (Sao Paulo Trials winner)
5. Amanda Santana (North American trials winner)

Please note: The above list is subject to change based on status of invitation, eligibility, injuries, etc.

The world's most prestigious submission fighting tournament (sorry, Metamoris), held every two years in various locations around the globe, was last seen in Oct. 2013 inside the Ditan Gymnasium in Beijing, China (results here). This year's ADCC is expected to air live via online pay-per-view (PPV).

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