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Off the Record video with Dana White: UFC boss defends Reebok payouts, shuts down Brendan Schaub

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Brendan Schaub, along with a few other mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters, was less-than-thrilled to learn he was going to have to give up his sponsors in order to join the Reebok family in July.

A move that will cost "Big Brown" $100,000 in additional revenue.

That's according to comments Schaub made last December, who insisted that six of his existing sponsors -- barred from advertising on fight week under the new regime -- had already jumped ship, hitting The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 runner-up square in the wallet.

UFC President Dana White is calling bullshit.

"Brendan Schaub is claiming he makes over $100,000 per fight with sponsorship. These are some of his sponsors: Big Rentals Construction Company,, the Reign Training Center, Box 'N Burn Gym, Alchemist Management ... this is true, this is no joke, NOHO Hangover. I'm sure this guy is making over $100,000 per fight. These guys get a little crazy every time something changes. Same thing happened when we did the video game."

Schaub should get royalties for those mentions on "Off the Record."

Under the new sponsorship deal, fighters will be required to wear Reebok-branded uniforms while competing and cannot bring outside brands into the host city during fight week. In turn, the talent will be compensated according to their tenure within the promotion (see the payout list here).

Naturally, some exceptions may apply.

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