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UFC Fight Night 66 results recap: Neil Magny vs. Hyun Gyu Lim fight review and analysis

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Yesterday morning (Sat., May 16, 2015), Neil Magny and Hyun Gyu Lim went to war at UFC Fight Night 66 inside the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines. In an excellent performance, Magny continued his win streak. Find out how below!

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweights Neil Magny and Hyun Gyu Lim battled yesterday morning (Sat., May 16, 2015) at UFC Fight Night 66 on FOX Sports 1 inside the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines.

Magny entered this bout on the heels of a lengthy win streak and had just earned a position inside the top 15. Unsatisfied, the Colorado native was looking to earn perhaps the biggest win of his career in order to catapult himself higher up the rankings (see them here).

While Lim's career inside the Octagon has been short, the gigantic knockout puncher has made quite the impact. With a reputation for destroying his opponents in violent fashion, Lim was looking to steal his foe's position in the rankings.

Instead, Magny looked better than ever (video highlights here).

Lim quickly took the center of the cage, while Magny circled and shot out his jab. About a minute into the round, Lim landed with a big right hand, stunning Magny. The Korean swarmed his opponent with some huge shots and fired off dangerous knees, but Magny kept his calm, moved his head, and ducked a punch into the clinch.

Then, the UFC suddenly cut to a commercial for no apparent reason.

When the fight cut back in, Magny had just finished a clinch takedown. Lim reversed Magny off his back, but the Colorado native used a triangle choke to sweep. Once on top, Magny moved into mount and back mount, where he landed some very nice ground strikes before the end of the round.

In a pretty wild first round -- one of the best of the year -- Magny clearly came out ahead.

Magny used an excellent transition into the clinch from the Southpaw stance to score an early takedown in the second stanza. After landing in side control, Magny immediately moved into mount. Lim attempted to scramble out, but gave up his back.

From there, Magny fully utilized his lanky build by hipping in and putting a lot of pressure on his opponent. Flattened out, Lim could do little but cover up as Magny opened up with punches. Before long, Lim was bloody, unable to move, and the referee had seen enough.

This was an excellent win for Magny. Lim -- despite his flaws -- is a hugely dangerous fighter with a difficult skill set to overcome. Though he got hurt earlier, Magny showed the composure of a veteran in slipping his opponent's loaded up punches and moving into the clinch.

Once Magny got into his rhythm, it was clear he was on another level. On his feet, Magny did an excellent job utilizing shift punches, switching stances as he attacked. He landed numerous Southpaw jabs after coming up short with his orthodox cross, which helped extend his already formidable reach even further.

Plus, it helped Magny transition into his grappling. After switching into Southpaw, Magny was at an advantageous angle and easily moved into the clinch. Once Magny locked up with his opponent, he was pretty dominant, both in the clinch and on the mat.

After this win, Magny deserves a veteran top 10 fighter. He called out Rick Story -- which would be an excellent match up -- but Magny likes to stay active and Story is booked. There's a decent chance that Magny will end up in the cage with a lesser-ranked fighter, which will continue to help him develop as a mixed martial artist.

This fight pretty much proves Lim's ceiling. He's a monstrous welterweight with nasty power, but he's really not a technical fighter in any area. In short, that will equal some violent wins and entertaining fights, but he won't be able to climb into the ranks unless he seriously improves his overall skill set.

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