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UFC Fight Night 66: Keys to victory for 'Magny vs. Lim' main card match

Two burgeoning welterweight contenders go toe-to-toe this morning (May 16, 2015) in Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines with looming rankings implications on the line. Read on to find out what both Neil Magny and Hyun Gyu Lim need to do to snag the much-needed "W."

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

When the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) careens into Manila, Philippines, this morning (Sat., May 16, 2015) on UFC Fight Pass and FOX Sports 1, a featherweight frenzy won't be on the only notable bout on deck.

Of course, a "super" fight between former dominant mixed martial arts (MMA) champions Frankie Edgar and Urijah Faber is on the mind's of many, but there is one other bout worth paying a little bit more attention to.

Upstart welterweights Neil Magny and Hyun Gyu Lim battle it out to in a matchup containing Top-15 seeding implications in the talent-stacked division. Both fighters have enjoyed much success in the UFC and have tallied multiple finishes during their tenure.

Magny and Lim are two completely different combatants, who hold distinct advantages over each other. One of them won't be height or reach and that is something that will without a doubt come into play throughout the duration of this tilt.

Check out they keys to victory for both Magny and Lim below!

Neil Magny

Stay busy in the clinch

One of Magny's greatest advantages happens to be in the clinch, where he is used to manhandling his opposition. He's going to have a much more difficult time finding a takedown in his meeting with the South Korean striker.

Lim's large frame allows him to hold a strength advantage of smaller welterweights. He has an outstanding sprawl. The 30-year-old "Ace" also dishes out devastating elbows if you let your guard down barreling in for a takedown.

Magny is going to need to be extra careful when leaving his head out there. Additionally, he will want to stay active in his dirty boxing and look out for a knee from Lim upon separation. Good thing Magny employs some knees of his own.

Utilize every bit of your reach

It is not going to be easy for Magny to close the distance on Lim between the latter's counter striking and use of a knee. The New York native is going to have to strategically map out his attack and keep Lim guessing.

Coming straight down the pike is not a very attractive option for Magny. The No. 15-ranked welterweight will need to remain light on his feet and mobile. If he allows Lim to cut off the cage, Magny could be in for a long night.

He could choose to make this a stand-up scrap, which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Magny's striking is underrated. He does an excellent job of putting combinations together, while also switching stances. Mix in some of his kicks -- Lim doesn't exactly threaten with takedowns -- and he should be in good shape.

Weather the early storm

Lim's appetite for destruction is well documented. When Ace senses their is blood in the water, he pounces. Magny has yet to show that killer instinct. Instead, he takes a more methodical approach by gauging his opponent's tendencies, and finding openings in the later rounds.

It won't be surprising to see Magny in trouble early. We have no clues as to how his chin may hold up against the shots of a more physically-imposing welterweight like Lim.

If he does indeed connect on a hard shot within the first few minutes, Magny will have his wrestling pedigree to fall back on. However, he has been exploited there in the past when he has remained flat footed.

His guard isn't all too impressive from the little we have seen Magny on his back, but he will likely not need to worry about that. Lim typically isn't concerned with the ground game much.

Hyun Gyu Lim

Attack, attack, attack

Lim's resourcefulness will keep him in this fight no matter what, but the kickboxing guru will want nothing but forward momentum come Saturday morning.

When pushing the pace, Lim is prone to unleash a bevvy of strikes from knees, to uppercuts and front kicks. He also possesses hands of stone; Lim's hooks pack a wallop.

Lim can drudge forward as he typically does without much cause for concern, considering his takedown defense is more than reliable.

Counter left?

Though his main mode of transportation is via freight -- train -- Lim will once in a while sit on cruise control and launch looping hooks at would-be aggressors. This will work mightily in his favor, especially if he makes this a kickboxing match.

Magny boasts decent power and a sound boxing style, but has gotten away from his game plan at times, charging in recklessly. He is unpredictable, but not enough to confuse Lim. The latter is just as dangerous backing up as he is the aggressor and can make you pay with his hooks or knees.

Cinch up the clinch

If Magny happens to make it past Lim's striking defense -- albeit through some heavy punishment -- we could see a momentary break in the striking action. When that happens, fight fans can expect a battle of the knees, though a knee could allow Magny to latch on and plant him down on the mat.

Well, there you have it -- a top-notch tussle between two talented 170-pound strikers. The advantage on the feet goes to Lim, while Magny earns the edge in the grappling department.

Care to tell me your thoughts?

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