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Insane video of 5-on-5 MMA fight, known as Team Fighting Championship (TFC), looks even crazier than it sounds

So here's a real thing that is actually happening.

Team fighting is not a new concept in combat sports, as we can go back to the International Fight League (IFL) which helped produce some of today's Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) stars. But the difference between IFL and Team Fighting Championship (TFC), is that you didn't have the entire roster fighting at the same time.

Welcome to 5-on-5 fighting, which is bound to help the sport break new ground.

Teams from all over the world entered the 40-foot ring back in January to compete at TFC 3 (full event description here), and below is a recently-released clip of Russia's "Barbarians" going head-to-head with Poland's "Hooligans From Arka (HFA)."

The action begins at 4:15.

I like the gang-up towards the end. What could possibly go wrong?

I'm sure Arena Combat (2-on-2) is not going to appreciate being three-upped by the folks at TFC but hey, all's fair in love and psychotic MMA bouts that are bound to get someone hurt.

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