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GLORY 21: Controversial 'Majority Draw' scorecard from Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus revealed

James Law/GLORY Sports International

Last week at GLORY 21, Artem "The Lion" Levin and Simon "Bad Bwoy" Marcus fought for the middleweight title in a bout that ended in one of the more rare, and frustrating, decisions in combat sports: Majority draw (recap here).

As a result, Levin -- the division champion -- retained his title after many felt it was a strong possibility that he had lost his title ... especially after having a point docked for holding by referee Marcos Rosales in round three.

"Bullshit, I won that fight," an irate Marcus told Stephen Quadros immediately after the fight's conclusion.

Levin wasn't in the best of moods, either, expressing his displeasure with having a point deducted at the post-fight press conference.

"Every time I fight in GLORY the referee is talking to me about taking a point away," said Levin, who has had a point deducted in two other GLORY fights."Why? The rules allow five-second clinch, active clinch. I am quick, I am hitting knees, this is not right, what they do. I do not like it."

MMAMania obtained a copy of the official score card of the main event from the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), to get a full breakdown of the scoring for each round by judges Cecil Peoples, Nelson Hamilton and Luis Cobian.

G21 Levin/Marcus Scorecard

Peoples and Hamilton each scored the bout a draw (47-47). Cobian was the lone judge to score it for Marcus (48-46). All three scored rounds one and two for the champion and round five for Marcus. Cobian and Peoples scored round three (the round Levin was docked a point) for Marcus, while Hamilton saw it for Levin. For round four, Peoples scored it for Levin, while Hamilton and Cobian gave that round to Marcus.

Had Levin not been hit with a one-point deduction for holding in round three, he would've won the fight by split decision.The cards would've read 48-47 from both Peoples and Hamilton and 48-47 from Cobian in favor of Marcus.

The fight was a highly-competitive battle with the majority of it taking place within the clinch. Both fighters were ramping up their intensity with every round, and competing at their highest level, leaving everything they had in the ring.

Levin is now 0-1-1 in two fights against Marcus. "Bad Bwoy" defeated Levin at Lion Fight 9 in 2013 by unanimous decision. A rematch will likely happen in the near future, especially after the majority draw, on top of GLORY 21 being the third highest-viewed card in the promotion's history on Spike TV.

GLORY CEO Jon J. Franklin told they are currently working on making it happen. It is without a doubt a rematch that the kickboxing world will be clamoring to see.

For full GLORY 21 results, including play-by-play, click here.

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