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TUF 21 results, recap (Ep. 4) for 'ATT vs. Blackzilians'

Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 21 returns to FOX Sports 1 tonight (Weds., May 13, 2015), featuring episode four of the combat sports reality show, pitting American Top Team (ATT) against the neighboring (and hated) Blackzilians squad.

After an impressive guillotine choke victory by Valdir Araujo over former World Series of Fighting (WSOF) champ Steve Carl, the Blackzilians are up three-zip.

But since this season is based on points and not eliminations for some odd reason, there is no real sense of panic over at the ATT camp, though I'm sure they would love to secure home-gym advantage by winning a bout and moving operations back across town.

Riveting stuff!

Dan Lambert kicks off the episode with a poignant message: "We are getting our asses kicked."

The ATT coaches attempt to rile up their troops moments after Steve Carl's loss, and Steve Montgomery jumps on the opportunity to note that his team always comes back, and he isn't afraid to fight any of the Blackzilians.

With their backs against the wall, The ATT war room is trying to figure out who is the best man for the job and they end up choosing Steve Montgomery over Sabah Homasi to fight next. "Creepy" is the one "that is going to bring it," according to Lambert, and they need his intensity at this point in the competition. Blackzilians counter with the relatively inexperienced Carrington Banks, thinking ATT is going to choose Nathan Coy.

Time to train and meet the competitors!

Back at the house, the gang is playing poker when screams for help suddenly ring out upstairs. Steve Montgomery is apparently having a seizure, and several fighters are trying to force his mouth open to avoid him biting off his own tongue! Sabah Homasi runs in to calm down the situation, and the ambulance is there to take "Creepy" to the hospital.

When Montgomery returns to the house, we learn that a lack of electrolytes while water-loading for his weight cut caused him to have a seizure. Unfortunately for "Creepy," he is forced to leave the house and the show. ATT has to pick a new fighter with Montgomery gome, and Ricardo Liborio correctly guesses Blackzilians are going to choose Banks. After some deliberation, they opt to counter with Homasi.

During Hobasi's bio piece, the 26-year old shares with the fans that when he is not training for MMA competition, he is a male entertainer for ladies.

The fighters hit the scales, and both Banks and Homasi make weight and square off. Dana White calls the fight a "pick 'em" bout, and fighters from both teams share their opinion on why their teammate will win.

Gameplan time!

UFC champ Rashad Evans makes an appearance to help Banks prepare. "Suga" believes Banks needs to take Hobasi down and beat him up to win this fight. Banks seems confident, but can he actually get Hobasi to the mat?

Let's find out!

170 lbs.: Sabah "The Punisher" Homasi (8-4) vs. Carrington Banks (3-0)

Round 1: A feeling out process to start and Homasi lands and inside leg kick. Banks answers with a jab and big overhand right. Banks shoots in on a double leg, but Homasi sprawls nicely and defends on the cage. Banks working hard for the takedown, but Homasi's wide base is thwarting it. Banks finally gets Homasi down, and nearly gets his back as Homasi tries to hit the switch. Knees to the thigh from Banks. Homasi gets to his feet and he is tracking Banks down. Big body kick from Homasi knocks Banks off balance. Stinging right hand from Banks and Homasi rushes in. A left hook hurts Banks, but he recovers quickly. They are swinging now and Homasi lands the best punch of the fight. Banks shoots in for a takedown and he gets it late in the round. Homasi back to his feet and he lands a vicious knee while standing to Banks' face! Banks somehow shrugs it off and lands a shot of his own. Banks shoots in for the takedown near the end of the round, but he can't get it.

Round 2: Both men are a bit tentative early, and Banks misses a kick high. Hobasi lands a jab, and stuffs a takedown. Banks has slowed down significantly, and he thinks he got hit low, but the ref tells them to keep fighting. Hobasi goes low again, and eats a right hand. Cheers for Banks, and now the ATT squad is cheering. Not much action here in the second round, but Hobasi is landing more. Banks gets double underhooks and pushes Hobasi to the cage. Banks gets Hobasi's back, but immediately loses it because he was too high. Hobasi throws his best combination of the second round, but falls on a high kick. Banks is too tired to pounce, and he instead opts for a jab when Hobasi gets to his feet. Now it's Banks who falls from a kick, and Hobasi lands on top before Banks scrambles to his feet. Hobasi lands a nice 1-2 and he is coming on strong in the last 30 seconds. Strong leg kicks from Hobasi and Banks swings wildly to end the fight.

We are going to a third round!

Round 3: Jab rom Homasi to start, and a leg kick. Homasi with a loud body kick. Banks is getting countered by Homasi here, but he lands a nice jab. Another inside leg kick from Homasi. Banks is throwing wild haymakers and missing badly. Body kick from Homasi. Two jabs from Banks, but he eats a leg kick for his troubles. They exchange jabs in the center of the cage. Hab and overhand right from Homasi lands. Banks is getting outstruck on the feet. Homasi lands a beautiful head kick, but Banks is not phased. Homasi looks strong this round, but is countered with a takedown attempt while throwing a knee. Banks gets him down with two minutes to go, but he can't keep him there. Homasi pressuring, but eats a stiff jab. Another two pawing jabs from Banks, and another. Both men are tired, but they are leaving it all in the cage. Hard leg kick from Homasi. They swing wildly at the end, and both land hard strikes, but the fight is over. I have it 10-9 Homasi.

Final result: Banks def. Homasi via decision

Here's where we stand after week four:

ATT (0 points):

Marcelo "Grilo" Alfaya (16-7, 1 NC)
Hayder "Hulk" Hassan (6-1)
Nathan "Soul Force" Coy (14-5)
"Creepy" Steve Montgomery (8-2) Off the show following a seizure
Michael Graves (4-0)
Sabah "The Punisher" Homasi (8-4)
Uros Jurisic (4-0)
Steve Carl (21-4)

Blackzilians (100 points):

Jason Jackson (4-2)
Luiz "Buscape" Firmino (18-6)
Kamaru "The Nigerian Nightmare" Usman (5-1)
Andrews Nakahara (4-2-2)
Carrington Banks (3-0)
Vincente Luque (7-4-1)
Felipe "Balboa" Portela (8-2)
Valdir "Baby Monster" Araujo (14-5)

After the fight, both coaches gave reasons why they thought their respective fighter won, and Dana White was upset neither man showed that they wanted to win, noting in that third round that either Homasi or Banks should have gone "balls to the wall." A dejected Homasi thought he was robbed, but the realization now is that his team is down 100 points.

That's a wrap. See you next week!

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