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Video: Ronda Rousey throws Jesse Palmer on Good Morning America, reminds fans 'life isn't PG rated'

Sorry guys, that doesn't mean she is doing another photo shoot...

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight titleholder Ronda Rousey is all the rage these days, and often times the focus isn't even on her dominance inside the Octagon.

With "Rowdy" a transcendent mixed martial arts (MMA) star that has done movies, risque photo shoots, and most recently jumped into writing with her new book "My Fight/Your Fight," the UFC star has quite the story to tell.

When she isn't defeating her opponents in under 30 seconds, Rousey is usually chatting it up with some news anchor about any number of the projects she is working on at the time.

Currently, Rousey is making media runs for her new book, and she most recently appeared on Good Morning America to discuss her tough upbringing and show off some of her judo skills at the expense of interviewer Jesse Palmer.

The book details Rousey's non "PG rated" life according to the champ, featuring her bouts with homelessness, depression, and partying following her bronze medal in the 2008 Olympic games.

In the video above, Rousey discusses her tough childhood, playing the villain, and of course her dating life.

Because who wouldn't want to be "Rowdy's" bachelor!

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