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'Cheater!' Carla Esparza accuses WSOF champion Jessica Aguilar of PED use

Shots fired!

World Series Of Fighting

There are those in the mixed martial arts (MMA) community that only give out percentages of fighters they believe are on performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) without naming names.

Then there are the select few who flat out point the finger when they know "for a fact" that one of their past opponents has done "extra stuff" to give them the winning edge.

Case in point, Carla Esparza, who recently appeared on The MMA Hour and adamantly claimed that Jessica Aguilar -- the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) women's strawweight champion -- is a cheater based on her past PED use. And because of that, Esparza says Jessica has no right to claim she's the best in the world.

Her words (via MMA Fighting):

"I know she does some extra stuff, which I feel like she is a cheater, to be totally honest. I'm trying to say that she's a cheater and I don't think because of what she's done she can call herself no. 1 ever because of who she's fought, even since she's beaten me years ago. I feel like if you cheat then you never even won that fight, so whatever. I know for a fact, but I'm not going to get into that. It doesn't really matter. If she's not getting popped or she hasn't been tested, there's not really anything anyone can say or do, so I'm not really going to sit here and harp on it. She's talked so much trash on me, I almost feel like not even putting her on blast, but personally messaging her, 'Really? How can you call yourself a martial artist and how can you sit here and talk trash on me and how you're no. 1 if you're going and doing these things?"

So how is the former UFC champ privy to this information? One of her friends is the one who allegedly injected Aguilar with the juice.

"Oh, I know she was (using). Because a friend of mine told me that they personally gave her shots in her butt or whatever. Whatever, girl. You're not no. 1. You've never been no. 1, so get over it."

Riding a red-hot 10-fight win streak, Aguilar has long been regarded as the best female strawweight fighter in the world. In 2011, Aguilar defeated "Cookie Monster" at Bellator 46 via split decision; a loss Esparza would definitely like to avenge.

But, it's a rematch that would likely never happen, as both women ply their trade under different promotional banners. If they should ever cross paths again, you can bet Esparza would demand extra testing after her most recent allegations.

For the record, Aguilar has yet to fail a drug test in her 23 professional fights.

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