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Manager: Mark Hunt 'severely dehydrated' at weigh ins, but escaped UFC Adelaide with no major injuries

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Mark Hunt was beaten to a pulp by Stipe Miocic last Saturday night (May 9, 2015) when the two went toe-to-toe in the UFC Fight Pass main event of UFC Fight Night 65 in Adelaide, Australia.

See the "Super Samoan's" battered dome here.

Following his technical knockout loss -- his second in as many appearances -- Hunt was able to get through his post-fight medical exam with good news, according to manager John McRae, who told New Zealand Herald that his client suffered no major injuries and looks a lot worse than he feels.

Then he dropped this little nugget.

Hunt barely made the heavyweight limit by tipping the scale at 266 pounds.

The 41-year-old kickboxer, who stands just 5'10", is no stranger to brutal weight cuts, having started his training camp for last year's fight in Japan at a staggering 340 pounds. While the weight cut didn't affect his performance against Roy Nelson, it probably didn't have time to.

Unlike Miocic, Nelson went to sleep midway through round two.

The future for Hunt is uncertain, but if and when he does come back, he's probably going to need to keep himself at or close to fighting weight, because three straight losses -- particularly at his age -- will pretty much slam the door shut on his title hopes.

For good.

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