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UFC Fight Night 65 results: Stipe Miocic pulverizes an inhuman Mark Hunt for 4.5 painful rounds

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With fast finishes up-and-down the UFC Fight Night 65 card last night (May 9, 2015), it was up to top-ranked Heavyweight contenders Stipe Miocic and Mark Hunt to close the show inside Adelaide Entertainment Centre in Adelaide, Australia, in violent style.

And the hard-hitting pair did not disappoint.

Miocic actually attempted a takedown within the first 90 seconds, indicating that perhaps the Golden Gloves boxer intended to wrestle the heavy-handed Kiwi rather than tempt fate. He would stand and trade for about two minutes before shooting in for another takedown and getting it much to the chagrin of the pro-Hunt crowd.

And that's pretty much how the rest of the round played out, with Miocic on top, dropping elbows and forearms and sucking the life out of Hunt, who was able to get to his feet with 10 seconds remaining and land a nice parting shot before heading back to his corner.

Miocic came out for the second stanza fresh as a daisy, snapping his jab and pushing back an already-tired and slightly wounded Hunt. He would once again secure a takedown, stuffing Hunt at the bottom of the cage and drilling him with short left hooks. Hunt returned to his feet, but his face was a swollen mess.

Once upright again, Miocic really began to do serious work, while Hunt once again displayed his inhuman ability to absorb huge punches from huge men and continue battling.

In fact, as the round came to a close, Hunt uncorked a haymaker out of nowhere that brought the crowd to its collective feet.

Hunt actually landed a short left hook to start the third, which inspired Miocic to attempt -- and secure -- another takedown -- he wanted no part of the "Comeback King" power. Once in top position, Miocic unleashed hell as Hunt just laid on the canvas eating shot after shot. Hunt just sat in the corner and took the punishment. He'd get back to his feet, but Miocic would put him right back down and continue to take a beating.

He almost got back to his feet, but collapsed midway, as Miocic just laid on top of him, wondering what heck it was going to take to get Hunt out of there.

Coming out for the fourth, both of Hunt's eyes were swollen shut, while Miocic barely looked like he was in a fist fight. And within one minute, Miocic had Hunt on his back again, unloading short elbows and hammerfists into the side of his unprotected face.

He would try to get up numerous times, and when he was finally successful with one minute to go, Miocic drilled him with a huge shot along the cage. Hunt would make it to the fifth round, but the ringside doctor warned him that the fight was close to being stopped.

In round five, Miocic once again got the fight down to the canvas straight away and pinned Hunt there while he landed short left hooks into his protective palm. Miocic was relentless with his punches and Hunt was just unable to muster any defense.

They weren't big shots, but Hunt was barely able to move and he wasn't going to win based on what he had showed up until that point. In fact, the referee should have probably intervened in the third round and it's a miracle he let it continue as long as it did.

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