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Georges St-Pierre: If I return to UFC, I believe I can still be the best

A confident "GSP" just put the welterweight division on notice.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Attention Johny Hendricks!

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight division has been the most competitive it has been in years since former champion Georges St-Pierre decided to walk away from the sport and vacate his 170-pound title in 2013.

In fact, with "Rush" gone, there has been two different division champions, Hendricks and current roost ruler, Robbie Lawler. And there could very well be another one crowned this summer when "Ruthless" and Rory MacDonald go toe-to-toe at UFC 189 (details).

But, the division could -- at anytime -- experience another St-Pierre stranglehold if the French-Canadian ever decides to return to action.

"I believe if I ever want to come back and fight I could be the best in mixed martial arts, if I find the fun and I have the feel for it again. If I train hard and I have the pleasure to do it, I believe I can still be on top," said St-Pierre during his appearance on Chael Sonnen's "You're Welcome" podcast (via MMA Fighting).

With so many fighters taking their talents to grappling tournaments across the world, St-Pierre says he wouldn't necessarily rule out a potential "super fight" in Metamoris or other all-jiu-jitsu tournaments. But, he admits that it's something he would have to think twice about, revealing that he won't get into something to be second best.

And seeing as how he isn't a spring chicken anymore, the 33-year-old isn't so confident he can be at the top of the food chain when it comes to grappling only events.

"I like to compete to the highest level. If I do something, I do it because I want to be the best at it. I do not believe with my age and the time that I have left in my prime I could be the best in the grappling department."

Nothing wrong with being honest with yourself.

For now, the welterweight division can rest easy as St-Pierre reiterated that a comeback is far from a sure thing.  Of course, he hasn't completely ruled it out, either.

So we wait ... impatiently.

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