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Video: Shawne Merriman wants to demolish 'thong-wearing' CM Punk for violating guy code

Plus, the former hard-hitting linebacker says the fact that Punk -- real name Phil Brooks -- signed with UFC is a complete joke.


Not only is CM Punk getting called out by his new mixed martial arts (MMA) peers -- a cowardly act according to this former champ -- but the former WWE Superstar is now getting called out by retired NFL players.

Specifically Shawne Merriman, the former pro linebacker who earned the nickname "Lights Out" for delivering brutal hits on the opposition.

During his conversation with FOX Sports, Merriman explained his "personal" beef with Punk, which stems from a time when the former wrestler sent out a tweet indicating that Shawne had been dissed by a WWE diva.

"I would do a lot of things to him. And I wouldn't just want to beat him. I want to demolish him for the whole entire fight. I wouldn't want to pin him, I wouldn't want to knock him out, I just want to make him feel pain for every round. I want to make him feel punishment. We have a little bit of beef, a bit of a history. I was talking to a friend, Eve, who was a commentator, a broadcaster for WWE. I saw her at the hotel and I said, 'Hey, how are you guys doing, what are ya'll here for?' We had a good conversation and then she walked off. Next thing I know, CM Punk goes on Twitter that I got dissed by one of the WWE women. And I'm like, what are you talking about? And this is coming from a guy who was wearing a small speedo-thong next to the pool. He really was, so he is obviously not that tough. So for him to talk the way he did and now going into the UFC, I think it's a complete joke. It's more than personal and I would love to have my shot at him one day."

A 260-pound monster against a soon-to-be welterweight is probably not going to happen. But what are the chances Dana White and Co. ever give Shawne a chance inside the Octagon?

Stranger things have happened.

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