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Coach: Jose Aldo not stupid enough to stand with Conor McGregor, but might get submitted on the ground

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

So ... who is the better striker, Jose Aldo or Conor McGregor?

It may not matter when it comes time for their five-round main event at UFC 189, which takes place this July in Las Vegas, Nevada, because "Junior" isn't stupid enough to stand and bang with "Notorious" for more than a few minutes, in fear of coughing up his 145-pound title.

That's according to the Irishman's coach, John Kavanagh, who told The 42 (via MMA Fighting) there will be no refuge on the ground.

"I think Aldo will be emotional and will want to come out and exchange with Conor on the feet. But with his experience, he won't be stupid enough to keep that up for too long. If the fight goes to the ground, will people be surprised by how Conor handles it? I'll put it like this: it wouldn't shock me at all if Conor were to submit Aldo, especially as Aldo starts to tire. Conor has a fantastic guillotine off his back and a really good triangle and armbar too, so there'll be plenty of opportunities to submit Aldo when fatigue sets in and he starts to leave himself exposed. That could be one that's worth a few quid in the bookies. I've never seen Conor roll with a black belt and look out of place. Conor is a very high-level brown belt, not far off black-belt level at all, and at that level there's not much difference between the two. Conor by submission, it could definitely happen."

It should be noted that Aldo's lone loss came by way of submission (rear-naked choke) way back in 2005.

That said, we should also recognize that McGregor has been tapped -- twice -- prior to entering the world's largest combat sports promotion. In addition, Aldo is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt who competed against the likes of Rubens Cobrinha, Wilson Reis, and Leandro Martins.

Aldo definitely has the skills to win on the ground. The question is, will he be too tired to use them?

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