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UFC Fight Night 64 live results stream

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will finally make its debut in Poland with UFC Fight Night 64: "Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop 2" from inside Krakow Arena TODAY (Sat., April 11, 2015) on UFC Fight Pass.

Headlining the late morning/mid-afternoon mixed martial arts (MMA) card will be the heavyweight rematch between Gabriel Gonzaga and Mirko Filipovic, who first met at the UFC 77 pay-per-view (PPV) way back in 2007. In addition, the promotion will send local hero Jan Blachowicz into the co-main event opposite Jimi Manuwa.

All that and so much more. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 64 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to start at 11 a.m. ET, right on through the Fight Pass main card, slated to begin at 3 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the online action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 64) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis following "Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop 2."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 64 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Mirko Filipovic def. Gabriel Gonzaga by TKO (elbows and punches) at 3:30 of Round Three
Jimi Manuwa def. Jan Blachowicz by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Pawel Pawlak def. Sheldon Westcott by unanimous decision(29-28 x3)
Maryna Moroz def. Joanne Calderwood by submission (armbar) at 1:30 of Round One

Leon Edwards def. Seth Baczynsky by KO (punches) at 0:08 of Round One
Bartosz Fabinski def. Garreth McLellan by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Sergio Moraes def. Mickael Lebout by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Yaotzin Meza def. Damian Stasiak by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)
Anthony Hamilton def. Daniel Omielanczuk by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 29-27)
Aleksandra Albu def. Izabela Badurek by submission (guillotine) at 3:34 of Round Two
Steven Ray def. Marcin Bandel by TKO (punches) at 1:35 of Round Two
Taylor Lapilus def. Rocky Lee by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


265 lbs.: Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Mirko Filipovic

Round 1: Gonzaga wades in with some punches, doesn't tie up. Overhand right connects for the Brazilian. One minute in. Cro Cop retreats out of range of a rush. Again. Body kick by Gonzaga. Two minutes in. Crop Cop retreating away from pretty much everything Gonzaga throws. Gonzaga shoots in and takes him down, landing on top in half guard. Two minutes to go.

Cro Cop just holding onto the Brazilian, but can't stop him from passing to mount. Gonzaga looking to posture up. Cro Cop latches onto a heel, only for Gonzaga to do the same. Neither gets it, so Gonzaga dives back into guard with a right hand. One minute to go. Ground-and-pound from Gonzaga, elbows from Cro Cop off of his back. Round ends there. 10-9 Gonzaga.

Round 2: Gonzaga falls short with a body kick. Straight left from the Croat. Gonzaga ducks a head kick and shoots in, taking him to the cage. Cro Cop takes a knee to the bollocks, but doesn't take much time. One minute in. Gonzaga scoops up a leg and deposits Cro Cop on the mat by the fence. Half guard for the Brazilian. Cro Cop denies an attempt to take mount. Cro Cop just holding Gonzaga. Elbows by Cro Cop after making a bit of space. Two minutes to go,

Gonzaga passes to mount. So far not posturing up. He moves higher and now he's dropping shots. One minute to go. Gonzaga moving higher in mount, takes S-mount for a moment before losing it. Nice elbows from the Brazilian. Gonzaga threatens an armbar, can't get it and just drops punches on the now-bleeding Croatian until the bell. 10-9 Gonzaga.

Round 3: Gonzaga seems a bit tired. Gonzaga tries a low single that Cro Cop easily avoids. One minute in. Gonzaga barrels into the clinch against the fence. Gonzaga changes levels, can't get it. Two minutes in. Gonzaga knees the body. They split and both men wing punches, Cro Cop snuffing out another takedown. Cro Cop buckles the Brazilian with a pair of elbows and an uppercut. Gonzaga's hurt and falls to his back. Cro Cop on top in guard. Two minutes to go.

Cro Cop slams home a hard elbow and another. More elbows by Cro Cop dribbling Gonzaga's head off the mat. Gonzaga's a bloody mess and he turns away from the punishment, prompting the referee to step in.

Final result: Filipovic def. Gonzaga by TKO (elbows and punches)


205 lbs.: Jan Blachowicz vs. Jimi Manuwa

Round 1: Both men tossing out jabs, Blachowicz using his well. Neither man landing clean early. One minute in. Nice body shot by Manuwa, who clinches and knees the thighs. Blachowicz with some knees of his own. Manuwa head kick blocked. Two minutes in. Lead uppercut by the Pole, who catches a side kick and ties up. Manuwa puts him on the fence. Knees from both, Manuwa to the thighs and Blachowicz to the body. Two minutes to go.

Short elbow by Blachowicz. Ref breaks them up for inactivity. Jimi advances with punhces, which Jan ducks under to shoot. Clinch. More hard knees to the thigh from the Brit. Jan reverses on the fence. One minute in. He lands a left hook on the exit. Body kick by Jimi. Blachowicz doing well at range, eats a leg kick. Manuwa head kick blocked. One more low kick from Jimi before the bell. 10-9 Manuwa.

Round 2: Low kick from Blachowicz, body kick by Jimi, who whiffs on a left hook. Leg kick from Jan, body shot by Jimi. Jimi catches a finger in the eye, prompting a pause in the action. Head kick blocked on the restart for both men. One minute in. Manuwa misses with a lead left hook. Blachowicz doing well on the back foot. Manuwa head kick blocked, Jan lands a body kick and presses him against the fence. This fight is crushingly disappointing so far. Jan tries a trip, can't get it. Two minutes in. Manuwa pressing him against the fence, throwing knees. Nice elbow up top. Blachowicz lands an elbow and a good knee to the body. Two minutes to go, back to the center.

Body shot from Jimi, body kick from Jan. Manuwa left hook misses, Blachowicz uppercut connects. Manuwa presses him against the fence, but can't do much before the ref separates them. One minute to go. Leg kicks and body kicks from Jimi. Low kick from Blachowicz. Manuwa falls short on a left hook and eats a knee to the body. Manuwa to the body. They clinch and Manuwa knees the thigh until the bell. 10-9 Manuwa.

Round 3: Lead left hook lands for Blachowicz. Manuwa head kick blocked. Body kick by the Pole. Counter right connects for Manuwa. Blachowicz with a double jab and low kick. Manuwa leg kick, Blachowicz left hook. Jimi answers to the body and clinches. Jimi back in that familiar position, warned by the ref for inactivity. They separate and Blachowicz clips him with a head kick. Two minutes in. Manuwa misses on a let hook, misses with a combination. Lead right connects for him and he clinches again. Manuwa changes levels, can't get it and they're separated. Two minutes to go.

Manuwa clinches again. This fight is terrible. They separate. Manuwa lands a 3-2 and clinches again. Blachowicz with a hook on the exit. Blachowicz shoots, denied. One minute to go. Manuwa firing kicks. Good combination from the Pole. 1-2 from Jimi, who does that thing I'm angry at him for doing over and over. Knee to the body. They split and Jimi cracks him with a right hand. Manuwa defends a takedown and lands some heavy strikes before the bell. 10-9 Manuwa, I guess.

Final result: Manuwa def. Blachowicz by unanimous decision


170 lbs.: Pawel Pawlak vs. Sheldon Westcott

Round 1: Westcott wades immediately into the clinch. He takes him down, but can't keep him there and they return to the clinch. Westcott with the bodylock. One minute in. Pawlak doing a good job of staying on his feet. Westcott changes levels and gets Pawlak briefly down on the fence. Westcott has the rear waistlock now, sticks in a hook for a second. Two minutes in. Westcott still with the body lock, moving Pawlak about on the fence. Trip attempt from Westcott. Knees from the Canuck, short punches from Pawlak. Pawlak hits a throw into side control, but loses position when he tries to take his back. Two minutes to go.

Westcott pressing him against the fence once more. Knees from both. One minute to go. More knees. Ref warns them for inactivity. Westcott gets him to one knee for a second, then back to the feet. The Canadian changes levels, nothing there until the bell. 10-9 Westcott.

Round 2: Pawlak tosses out a head kick to begin, then buckles Westcott with a well-timed knee. Westcott ties him up in response, taking him to the fence once more. Westcott working to drag him down, not seeing much success. Knees to the body from Westcott, who again takes his man down but can't keep him there. Knee up top by the Canadian, Pawlak answers to the body. Two minutes in. The referee breaks them up for inaction. Pawlak with a knee right off the bat,prompting Westcott to tie up again. Two minutes to go.

The referee breaks them up thirty seconds later. Westcott wading forward, eating shots from the Pole. Westcott ducks a right hand and shoots in, avoiding a knee in the process. Pawlak separates. Head kick from him blocked. He tosses Westcott to the mat from the Thai clinch. One minute to go. Pawlak on top in side control. Westcott back to his feat, Pawlak with the rear waistlock. Pawlak takes him down again into side control. Pawlak ends the round in the crucifix. 10-9 Pawlak.

Round 3: Pawlak cracks him with a right hand early. Left hook lands. Both men tired, but Pawlak landing better. Westcott ties up against the cage. Pawlak reverses, gets taken to another portion of the fence. Knee to the body from the Pole. One minute in. Pawlak tosses him down for a second, still tied up. Westcott brings him down with an outsied trip, Pawlak back up in a hurry. Short punches by Pawlak, who's still against the cage. Pawlak hits a throw, landing on top in half guard. Two minutes to go. Pawlak passes to side countrol. North-south now. Elbows landing for the Pole. Two minutes to go.

Pawlak with his shin on Westcott's face, then moves to north-south. Westcott turns, gives up his back but manages to shoot in. To the fence yet again. One minute to go. Westcott changes levels, can't do anything with it. Pawlak separates, tries a series of kicks and a left cross to end the round. 10-9 Pawlak.

Final result: Pawlak def. Westcott by unanimous decision


115 lbs.: Joanne Calderwood vs. Maryna Moroz

Round 1: Jojo opens with a low kick, takes an overhand right from Moroz. Moroz head kick blocked. Stiff jab by Jojo, then an overhand right. Low kick lands for her, then a body kick. Moroz to the body. Jojo keeping up the low kicks, takes some heavy blows from Moroz, who forces her back to the fence. One minute in. Moroz pulls guard with an armbar. Jojo attempts to stack her, but it's not enough and the Ukrainian, a +550 favorite, earns the tap.

Final result: Moroz def. Calderwood by submission (armbar)


170 lbs.: Seth Baczynski vs. Leon Edwards

Round 1: Seth on the advance, gets leveled by the very first punch Edwards throws. Two more punches on the ground and the fight is over. Wow.

Final result: Edwards def. Baczynzki by KO (punches)


185 lbs.: Bartosz Fabinski vs. Garreth McLellan

Round 1: Fabinski moving forward, takes Garreth to the cage. McLellan reverses. Knees from the Pole. Fabinski turns him, changes levels and takes the South African down. One minute on. Fabinski on top in guard. McLellan gets to his seat and works to stand, taking a knee to the gut. Fabinski slams him back down, on top in half guard. Full guard. Fabinski landing punches as McLellan stands. Two minutes in. Fabinski takes him down yet again, passing to side control. McLellan foils an attempt to pass to mount. Fabinski takes his back as McLellan tries to stand, dropping punches. McLellan stands as Fabinski works for the choke. Two minutes to go.

Fabinski gets off his back and returns to his feet. Blatant fence grab from McLellan as Fabinski takes him down. McLellan back to his feet, eats some knees and knocks him off-balance with a right hand. Fabinski shoots back in and McLellan pulls guard on a guillotine. One minute to go. Fabinski in a low mount as McLellan holds onto his head. McLellan regains guard at the bell. 10-9 Fabinski.

Round 2: Fabinski blocks a head kick and moves into close range. Up elbow by McLellan and Fabinski shoots in. He lifts McLellan and eventually gets him to the mat. McLellan using butterfly hooks, manages to stand and change levels. One minute in. Fabinski defending the takedown and McLellan lets it go. They trade knees to the body before McLellan changes levels again. Fabinski gets his leg out. Knee to the head by the Pole. Two minutes in. McLellan fighting for a single-leg, drops it and lands an uppercut. Fabinski shoots in and takes him down yet again. Fabinski on top in half guard, looking to drop elbows. Two minutes to go.

Short punches and hammerfists from the Pole. One minute to go. More short elbows from Fabinski. McLellan seems fatigued, not making any real effort to stand. Fabinski gets to side control before the bell. 10-9 Fabinski.

Round 3: Fabinski shoots in, and they trade some dirty boxing inside. McLellan pressing him against the fence, both men landing knees. Fabinski reverses, McLellan does the same. One minute in. McLellan looking for a single-leg, Fabinski wrenches him off and takes him down himself. Fabinski on top in half guard. McLellan turns, Fabinski takes the front headlock. McLellan makes it to his feet. Two minutes in. Fabinski lands a left hook, then takes McLellan down again. McLellan in turtle position. Fabinski lands some knees to the head as he stands. McLellan gets told off for playing the fingertip game, eating knees in the process. Yet another takedown from Fabinski. Two minutes to go.

Fabinski looking to pin an arm in half guard. Short elbows by the Pole, plus some punches. McLellan working to his feet. One minute to go. McLellan makes it up and latches onto a guillotine. Fabinski gets his head free, lands a right hand, and takes the South African down once again into half guard.  Fight ends there. 10-9 Fabinski.

Final result: Fabinski def. McLellan by unanimous decision


170 lbs.: Sergio Moraes vs. Mickael Lebout

Round 1: Moraes whiffs on an overhand right. Two-punch combo falls short. Big overhand lands for him. One minute to go. Leg kick from Lebout. Lebout pops him with a jab while he's off-balance. Low kick lands for him. They swing in close. Two minutes to go. Moraes tries, cannot change levels under a 1-1-2. Wild spinning backfist misses for the Brazilian. Wheel kick just misses. Two minutes to go.

Lebout counters a low kick. Another overhand misses for Serginho. Moraes shoots in, denied. Body kick lands for him. Spinning kick misses. One minute to go. Check hook for Sergio. Moraes barrels into the clinch on the fence. He wrangles Lebout down in the waning seconds, taking strikes from the Frenchman until the bell. 10-9 Lebout.

Round 2: Moraes lands a jab. Good leg kick from Lebout, who stops a level change. One minute in. Lebout using his jab well, takes a lead right. Overhand right from the Frenchman, then a double jab. Lebout low kick, then a right around the guard. Two minutes in. Straight rights land for Serginho. Body kick lands as well. Lead left hook from Sergio, uppercut by Lebout. Moraes has dialed in the straight right. Two minutes to go.

Glancing overhand right by the Brazilian, who pops him with another straight. Lebout lands an uppercut as he stops a takedown. Moraes lands a winging left hook. One minute to go. Lebout very active with his jab. Moraes straight right, Lebout low kick. Lebout clinches on the fence, tries a takedown. Teep from Moraes, jab from Lebout to end the round. 10-9 Lebout.

Round 3: Moraes wading forward, lands a left hook. Lebout low kicks. 3-2 from the Brazilian, then a straight right. Moraes fakes a shot, lands a left hook. Front kick connects as well, then a right hand. Lebout low kicks once again. One minute in. Another left lands for the Brazilian. Lebout firing his jab. Three-punch combo from Moraes, who shoots in and gets Lebout down on the fence. Moraes on top in half guard. Two minutes in. Moraes passing, lands in mount. Lebout with quarter-guard. He manages to get half guard. Two minutes to go.

Lebout tries to scramble up, Moares maintains side control. Moraes moving to scarfhold, back to side control. One minute to go. Moraes hops to mount, then takes the back. Body triangle for the Brazilian. Thirty seconds to work. He flattens Lebout out. Moraes graps an arm, but Lebout reverses into guard before the bell. 10-9 Moraes.

Final result: Moraes def. Lebout by unanimous decision


145 lbs.: Yaotzin Meza vs. Damian Stasiak

Round 1: Meza opens with a low kick. Stasiak answers. They tie up in the center, Meza taking him to the cage. Stasiak reverses. Stasiak attempts a trip, can't complete it and Meza scores a takedown of his own. One minute in. Meza on top in half guard. Some left hands land for him. Two minutes in. Stasiak working to stand, gives up his back in the process. Meza looking for the Kadowaki Special RNC and it looks deep. The Pole works his way free and establishes in Meza's guard. He hops to side control and Meza turns into him, shooting in. Two minutes to go.

Stasiak using the front headlock, fighting off the takedown. Meza pressing him against the fence. Stasiak separates and lands a spinning back kick to the body. Meza low kick, Stasiak right hand. One minute to go. Another spinning back kick and he spins Meza to the ground. He takes the back in one swift motion, trapping an arm. Ground-and-pound from Stasiak. Stasiak squeezing brutally, but can't finish the choke. 10-9 Stasiak.

Round 2: Meza lands a counter right, eats a spinning back kick. Stasiak shoots, Meza grabs the front headlock briefly. Left hook by Stasiak. Stasiak shoots, Meza jumps guard on a guillotine. He loses it swiftly, winding up on thebottom. GnP from the Pole.  One minute in. Stasiak stands over him, kicking the leg. Stasiak spins past his legs, but Meza shoots in. Stasiak grabs a front headlock but winds up on the bottom in half guard. Stasiak looking for a Kimura. Two minutes in. Meza gets his arm free and Stasiak gains full guard. Stasiak grabs the Kimura again. Meza seems untroubled. Two minutes to go.

Meza gets free, Stasiak gets guard again. Stasiak using a butterfly hook to keep Meza off-balance. Meza dives in with a nasty right hand and takes the Pole's back. One minute to go. Stasiak turns and regains half guard. Meza ends the round on top. 10-9 Meza.

Round 3: Meza with a low kick, takes a glancing head kick. Meza shoots in, completing a single-leg. Stasiak tosses his legs up, can't get anything and gives up his back. He manages to regain half guard. Meza working for an arm-triangle. Meza passes to mount, continuing to squeeze. Stasiak removes his head, but Meza quickly regains mount. Two minutes in. Stasiak gives up his back and Meza puts a hook in. Stasiak tries to stand, can't. Meza all over him, but Stasiak manages to get to the front headlock. Meza uses the chance to take side control. Two minutes to go.

Stasiak gets half guard. Meza working on Stasiak's left arm, loses it. Stasiak dives on a leglock, can't get it. Stasiak looks to scramble up and again gives up his back. One minute to go. Stasiak scrambles, gives up fthe front headlock and then guard. Meza drops a right and takes his back as he stands. Meza works for a Suloev stretch until the bell. 10-9 Meza.

Final result: Meza def. Stasiak by unanimous decision


265 lbs.: Daniel Omielanczuk vs. Anthony Hamilton

Round 1: Hamilton wades forward with haymakers. Omi tries to answer, gets knocked off his feet by a left hand. Hamilton on top near the fence. Omi working his way to his feet with the front headlock. Hamilton establishes in half guard. Omi working an inverted armbar, loses it. One minute in. Full guard now. Hamilton postures up, lands some heavy punches. Omi with an overhook, taking some short elbows. Two minutes in. Body blows by Freight Train. Omi tries to make space with his feet, can't do so. Omi controlling posture. Two minutes to go.

Good left hands from the American. More rights to the body. One minute to go. Hamilton staying body with punches. Hamilton passes to side control, then nearly takes his man's back before returning to half guard. Hamilton ends the round on top. 10-9 Hamilton.

Round 2: Both men wing shots early. Hamilton shoots in and drags him down against the fence. Omi back to his feet, still tied up. Knee to the body by the Pole. Omi countering with the front headlock and a pair of uppercuts. One minute in. Hamilton knees the body, takes some uppercuts. Body shot lands for him, knee lands for Omi. Hamilton changes levels, sprawled on by Omi. Hamilton driving through, but gets flipped over. Two minutes in. Hamilton shoots back in, pressing him against the cage once again. Both land uppercuts against the cage. Hamilton knees the body. Two minutes to go.

They trade knees to the body. Hamilton sprawled on  and turtles, taking shots from Omielanczuk. Hamilton complaining about something. Omi gets the dominant position on the cage and shoots in. The Pole completes the single-leg. One minute to go. Hamilton turtling, manages to stand. Omi changes levels, but it's Hamilton getting on top of the turtling Pole. Omi returns to his feet before the bell. 10-9 Omielanczuk.

Round 3: The two hug to start the round. Hamilton wading forward, shoots in. Omielanczuk defending the takedown. Hamilton pressing him against the fence. Knees from both. One minute in. Knees from the plum by Hamilton. He separates, lands a left hand, and ties back up. Omi with some knees of his own. Both men tenderizing the body with knees, Omi with punches as well. Two minutes in. More knees; look at those bellies jiggle. Two minutes to go.

Nice right hands by Hamilton, then back to the clinch. Omi rips to the body, but he's still got his back to the cage. Omi with a knee to the head, Hamilton to the body. Once again, then an uppercut by the Pole. Hamilton uppercuts as well. One minute to go. Hamilton changes levels, completing a single-leg. Omi hunting for a kimura from bottom half guard. Hamilton landing hammerfists to the body and extricates his arm before the bell. 10-9 Hamilton.

Final result: Hamilton def. Omielanczuk by unanimous decision


115 lbs.: Aleksandra Albu vs. Izabela Badurek

Round 1: Albu lands a 1-2 right off the bat. Badurek tries to change levels, can't do so. Another right hand from Albu. Both women land right hands. Albu on the counter. Badurek ties up, eating punches along the way. One minute in. Albu reverses against the fence. Now they jockey for position. Knees to the body and legs from Badurak. Knee up top as well. Two minutes in. Albu with some knees of her own. Badurek changes levels, looking for a single-leg or high crotch. Albu peels her off, landing a right before Badurek ties up again. Two minutes to go.

Badurek tries to run the pipe, can't do so. Albu shoves her away. Stiff jabs from the Moldovan. Badurek ties up again, capitalizes on a failed through to nearly take Albu's back. One minute to go. Badurek still pressing her against the cage. Albu reverses. Both land knees before the bell. 10-9 Badurek.

Round 2: Albu advancing, Badurek flicking out kicks. Good jab from Albu. Badurek wades back into the clinch, eating shots along the way. Albu slings her aside and cracks her with a few good punches before clinching. Albu in dominant position on the fence. One minute in. Jockeying for position. Ref wants action. Albu separates, eating a right as she does. Badurek wades back into the clinch, both women landing knees. Two minutes in. Albu head kick blocked. 1-2 connects for her. Badurek ties up, is denied. Two minutes to go.

Albu low kick, Badurek answers. Albu opens up on Badurek near the fence, landing a knee as well. Albu on the advance, lands a right hand but gets taken down, snagging a guillotine along the way that draws a quick tap.

Final result: Albu def. Badurek by submission (guillotine)


155 lbs.: Marcin Bandel vs. Steven Ray

Round 1: Ray opens with a low kick. Straight right from the Pole. Another low kick from Ray. Ray prevents a tie-up. Bandel low kicks. One minute in. Ray head kick blocked. Bandel ducks a right hand and takes Ray to the fence. Bandel gets him down to his knees, but Ray pops back up. Two minutes in. Ray defending the takedown well, eats an elbow. Bandel looking for a high-crotch, rolls for a leglock instead. Ray gets free and returns to his feet, Bandel still attached. Bandel looks again for the leglock, then attempts a deep half guard sweep. Two minutes to go.

Back to their feet. Bandel pulls half guard, then gains full guard. Ray with some ground-and-pound, denies an attempt to invert. One minute to go. Bandel tries to rise, Ray denies it and sets up in half guard, threatening an arm-triangle. Ray squeezes, but can't get out of half guard before the bell. 10-9 Ray.

Round 2: Ray opens with a straight left, then a head kick attempt that Bandel catches. Bandel can't get the takedown, winding up on the bottom. Ray defending well, locks up a no-hook RNC as Bandel rises. The Pole gets free, but accidentally falls into mount. Ray beating him with huge punches from the top as Bandel rolls back and forth. It's not long before the ref intervenes to save Bandel.

Final result: Ray def. Bandel by TKO (punches)


145 lbs.: Rocky Lee vs. Taylor Lapilus

Round 1: Lee shoots in immediately, taking Lapilus to the fence. Lapilus defending, accidentally hits Lee in the groin with a knee. They restart at range after a brief pause, but Lee shoots again right away and brings him down. Lapilus immediately back to his feet, working on a front headlock. One minute in. Lapilus landing knees as he adjusts his grip, only for Lee to get out. Lapilus opening up, Lee shoots and gets in on a leg. Lapilus defending with the front headlock. Lapilus with a left hand on the exit. Hard knee up top lands for him. Two minutes in. Four-punch combo connects for Lapilus, prompting another shot. Lapilus limp-legs out of it. Two minutes to go.

Straight left connects once again for Lapilus, then a stepping knee that prompts Lee to tie up. Level elbow lands for him before he separates. Lee leg kick, then a failed shot that earns him a knee to the head. One minute to go. Lapilus on the advance, landing elbows and knees. 1-2 connects. Lead-leg side kick lands as well. One more body kick before round's end. All Lapilus, 10-9.

Round 2: Lee lands a leg kick, eats a 3-2 and a head kick. Lee shoots, gets on a leg and drags Lapilus down. The Frenchman scoots to the fence and is looking to stand. One minute in. Lee unable to use ground-and-pound. Lapilus hits the switch, striking as they stand. Good elbow on the break. Lee connects with a right hand of his own. Two minutes in. Counter 1-2 from Lapilus. Another 1-2 lands for him. Leg kick after a left hand. Spinning backfist just misses; Lee shoots, but it's Lapilus pressing him against the fence. Two minutes to go.

Lapilus lands some knees before separating. Lee lands a nice body kick, eats a left straight when he tries to pursue. One minute to go. Lapilus with a  counter knee as Lee takes him to the fence once again. The ref separates then with about ten seconds to go; neither man lands big before the bell. 10-9 Lapilus.

Round 3: Lapilus working behind his jab. 1-2 lands, then a knee as Lee tries to tie up. Lapilus flings him to the ground from the Thai plum, eventually pressing him against the cage. Back to the center. Low kick by Lee. One minute in. More jabs from the Frenchman. Lee clinches on the fence. Two minutes in. Knees to the body from Lapilus. The ref elects to separate them when no action is forthcoming. Side kick from Lapilus. Lapilus continuing to jab well. Two minutes to go.

Lee lands a body kick, Lapilus catches it, takes him to the fence and brings him to the ground. Lee on one knee, working to stand. Lee makes it back up and they separate. Lapilus spinning backfist falls well short. Body kick from Lee. One minute to go. Lapilus lands a body kick as Lee advances, then a straight left under similar circumstances. Lee fails to tie up, does land a right hand. Flying knee attempt by Lapilus, Lee clinches and is brought to the fence. Lee reverses and lands some knees until the bell. 10-9 Lapilus.

Final result: Lapilus def. Lee by unanimous decision


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