MAC Attack. All Aboard!

HEY YOU, yeah you, the Maniac who can't stand a particular Irish douchebag. (See how I spelled douchebag? The fucking right way, with no spaces. It's one word, dummy.)

Are you sick of ridiculous claims with no evidence to back them up?!


Are you tired of someone knocking over cans like Nick Nolte on a bender, but given a tittie shot for his efforts?!


Are you fed up with a self proclaimed deity with the mouth of an illiterate 9 year old?


Well god-fucking-dammit have I got a proposition for you.

MAC. I know what you're thinking: "Hey, you flat top cunt, what is MAC?"




Now you're wondering: "Hey, I don't like Conor McGregor at all, this seems like the perfect group for me to join!"

Exactly, but MAC really isn't a group, it's a lifestyle. You breathe it every day, because it's real, as real as Stacey Keibler's fine ass titties. No fake injected bullshit, this is a team of legends that rivals The Avengers. In fact, the Avengers are bitch made when compared to our fine league of Conor disapproving Maniacs.

So raise your arms in anger, and rejoice as you have found your home, your calling. Open your window and in the spirit of Al Iaquinta scream at the world "FUCK YOU CONNNNNOOOORRRRR MCGREEEEGOOOORRRR!"

Don't agree? Get fucked, because this flat top rocking caveman gives zero fucks. ZERO

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