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Highlights! Watch Julianna Pena play the drums all over Milana Dudieva's face

Julianna Pena returned from a lengthly mixed martial arts (MMA) layoff earlier this afternoon (Sat., April 4, 2015), taking on Milana Dudieva at UFC Fight Night 63 from Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia.

And "Venezuelan Vixen" took out whatever pent-up aggression and frustration she had simmering all those months on the face of Dudieva, who was unable to escape full mount early on in their 135-pound scrap.

To her credit, Dudieva didn't give up despite absorbing a ton of punishment; however, one final, powerful elbow that landed clean was all the referee needed to stop the FOX Sports 1-televised match. To be honest, he probably should have stopped it sooner, but if he did perhaps Pena would not be $50,000 richer.

Things happen for a reason, right, no matter how violent?

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