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UFC legend Ken Shamrock pens open letter to Jon Jones: 'Allow Christ to be your strength and guiding light'

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight titleholder Jon Jones was stripped of his 205-pound strap and suspended indefinitely in the wake of his felony hit-and-run accident last Sunday in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Following his latest public relations nightmare, "Bones" promised to do some "soul searching" and will now have to answer to the court for his latest transgression. I'm sure it will be a very challenging (and costly) few months for the embattled fighter.

Shammy to the rescue!

UFC Hall of Famer and one of the very first superstars of mixed martial arts (MMA), Ken Shamrock, has used his own trials and tribulations as motivation for Jones to turn the ship around and start sailing in the right direction, both personally and professionally.

From the world's most dangerous website:

Few others can understand the enticement of the lust of life when the world says "yes" to your every desire. At these times, anything you want is at your fingertips: free meals, expensive gifts, amazing opportunities, big sponsorships, money, girls, and just about every desire being met on demand.

One day, everything changes. Speaking from experience, the decisions we make eventually catches up to us. These consequences, from the seeds that we have sown, are very real and seldom easy to deal with. Fame is often a road paved with heartbreak. It's a black hole that has the ability to engulf a distracted soul.

Unfortunately, you must sleep in the bed that you made. You did this to yourself, and you have issues that need to be dealt with. It's important that you understand that all your troubles today are a bi-product of your actions. Once you truly understand this, then you can begin to heal what has been broken and move forward once again.

Jon, you are a true champion who has accomplished heights that few others will ever reach. Use your same internal strengths and determination that helped you become a world champion to fight though this hard season and yourself. Your next fight is with yourself.

Ironically, a documentary film is soon (June) to be released about me called The Greatest Fight. The greatest fight was ultimately with myself. I lived through the hardships that my actions caused me and hope others can learn from my past mistakes. The lust of the flesh (i.e. fame, money, sex, and drugs) blinded me and the bottom had to drop out before I could see clearly, rebuild, and rise up once again.

Jon, do NOT give up on yourself. You have risen to amazing levels in your career, and your fans need to see you learn from your mistakes and rise above them. It's time to re-focus where focus has been lost. It's very important that you get back to the your strong faith in Christ and allow Him to be your strength and guiding light though this season and beyond. Let this be a beginning of a testimony to help others. Although your fate is in your hands and no one else's, I encourage you to draw close to those who are strongest in your circles and allow them to help you, too.

This is not the end, but your beginning. Fight the fight.

Shamrock is pretty articulate for a guy who spent 20 years getting punched in the head.

Jones appeared in court earlier this week after being released on $2500 bond. For now, it's a matter of waiting for the district attorney to make a decision on how and when to proceed (there is a lot to unpack). In the meantime, Jones will have plenty of time to search that soul.

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