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TUF 21 results, recap (Ep. 2) for 'ATT vs. Blackzilians'


The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 21 returned to FOX Sports 1 on Wednesday night (April 29, 2015), featuring episode two of the combat sports reality show, pitting American Top Team (ATT) against Blackzilians.

We start off with Michael Graves moping over last week's loss and his team starts helping him find excuses for losing. Hayder Hassan begins playing head games with Kamaru Usman -- just like last week -- and UFC President Dana White chimes in to call tonight's showdown a "pivotal fight."

It's episode two dude, calm down.

The ATT coaches pile into the war room to try to figure out who will be inside the cage. Until they win, Blackzilians maintain home field advantage. Remember, neither team knows who they are fighting until the weigh ins (every contestant is a welterweight).

Blackzilians is up 1-0, or 25 points to 0 based on the goofy new scoring system.

ATT says it's going to "play the wild card" and elect undefeated Slovenian import Uros Jurisic (4-0), while Blackzilians counter with longtime Brazilian mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Luiz Firmino (18-6), known affectionately as "Buscape" (boo-skuh-pay).

Kamaru Usman loses his cool during training and blacks out on team mate Jason Jackson. Fortunately for him, he didn't crash into Tyrone "King of the Ring" Spong on his way out the door, because he probably would have been laid out on national television.

Time for the weigh ins and both Jurisic and Firmino make weight without incident. Well, that's not counting the posturing from opposing gym owners, Dan Lambert (ATT) and Glenn Robinson (Blackzilians), who probably wanted to make sure they got their fair share of camera time.

So they talked tough and I yawned. Is normal.

Back at the gym, Firmino enlists Spong to help him improve his stand up , since the Brazilian is a ground specialist and needs some help in the striking department. "Buscape" has just one knockout win in 24 professional fights, so the numbers speak for themselves.

On the other side of the gym, Jurisic watches tape with his coaches to figure out the best path to victory.

Time to see if it pans out.

170 lbs.: Uros Jurisic (4-0) vs. Luiz "Buscape" Firmino (18-6)

Round 1: Both combatants run at each other and swing for the fences and since these are up-and-coming fighters, don't land many (if any) punches. Jurisic gets a little overzealous on the feet and gets taken down, but tries to secure a guillotine on the way to the mat. Firmino laughs it off and works from guard. Brief arm-triangle attempt becomes hammer fists of doom. Jurisic getting mugged on the ground and the referee calls for more work. Then again. Hey ref, this is as good as it gets in a "Buscape" fight, so either stand them up or shut the hell up. Firmino pushes Jurisic to the fence and the ATT corner is screaming for him to stand up. More hammer fists. My wife just fell asleep on the couch and I may not be far behind. Ref calls for more work and Firmino switches to a front choke during a scramble. Meh. 10-9 Firmino.

Round 2: Spinning shit misses for Jurisic. Firmino floats a front kick and now it's Jurisic looking for the takedown. Not only does he fail, he ends up getting taken down himself. That's called "screwing the pooch." Ref is all over Firmino trying to make him work. No need, as Jurisic gets back to his feet. Wild haymakers from the Slovenian don't even come close. "Buscape" rushes in and drags the fight to the floor. Lambert and Co. losing their shit from the sidelines. Firmino with hammer fists that look more annoying than painful. The ref scolds him. Two-minute warning and Jurisic gets to his feet annnnnnnnd down he goes. His fight I.Q. is on some Flowers for Algernon-type shit. Up and down again, it's like when Brock Lesnar spams suplexes in WWE. God this fight is garbage. 30 seconds to go and Firmino is taking a coffee break in side control. Ref calling for "work" with 10 seconds left in the fight. Makes sense. 10-9 Firmino.

Final result: Luiz Firmino def. Uros Jurisic via unanimous decision

Here's where we stand after week two:

ATT (0 points):

Marcelo "Grilo" Alfaya (16-7, 1 NC)
Hayder "Hulk" Hassan (6-1)
Nathan "Soul Force" Coy (14-5)
"Creepy" Steve Montgomery (8-2)
Michael Graves (4-0)
Sabah "The Punisher" Homasi (8-4)
Uros Jurisic (4-0)
Steve Carl (21-4)

Blackzilians (50 points):

Jason Jackson (4-2)
Luiz "Buscape" Firmino (18-6)
Kamaru "The Nigerian Nightmare" Usman (5-1)
Andrews Nakahara (4-2-2)
Carrington Banks (3-0)
Vincente Luque (7-4-1)
Felipe "Balboa" Portela (8-2)
Valdir "BBMonstro" Araujo (14-5)

After the fight, Dana admits the fight was trash and is incredulous that Jurisic did not listen to his corner. Like, at all. Then he buries the referee for letting the Brazilian "blanket" his way to victory. Sorry boss, a win is a win.

That's a wrap. See you next week!

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