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Jon Dodson brands himself -- not Demetrious Johnson -- the savior of UFC flyweight division

And he plans on rescuing it just like Urijah Faber did with the bantamweight division a long time ago.

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Demetrious Johnson defended his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight title for the sixth consecutive time last Saturday (April 25, 2015) by submitting Kyoji Horiguchi in the final second of their five-round main event fight at UFC 186 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

See it again here.

Still, despite his dominance inside the Octagon, many believe "Mighty Mouse" still isn't doing enough outside of the cage to sell himself and the division. Chief among them is Jon Dodson, who stopped by The MMA Hour to talk about Johnson's impressive win and self-promotion abilities.

Or lack thereof.

"He does enough in the fight, he just doesn't do enough to make fans care about him. It's sad to say, people don't care for a great fighter, they care for a great athlete to represent themselves, be on a Wheaties box, someone they can look up to; to be someone everyone wants to be around and to be someone every fighter aspires to be. He is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, it just sucks to know that he is still not, cannot draw that type of crowd of people. He needs the right opponent, as I see it. It does take two to tango, it's not just Demetrious having to do all of the work, but (most) of the responsibility falls on the champ. Look at Mayweather, the man can sell a fight no matter who his opponent is, even if it's an opponent he knows he is going to crush and no once cares about. He will sell the fight at the weigh-ins, at the press conference, and at every single media event. He will sell the fight so people can watch him."

What will sell, according to "The Magician," is another fight that pits him vs. Johnson, as their initial meeting at UFC on FOX 6 amassed an impressive 5.7 million viewers.

Then again, a do-over might not be at the top of Johnson's priority list, as Dodson says risking the chance of ruining his legacy isn't something "Mighty Mouse" is keen on doing.

"I don't think he wants anything to do with me because he believes he wants to secure the legacy. So, how are you going to secure a legacy when everyone in the world is telling you that I'm the one that beat you already and I should be the champion and not you?"

And if Johnson isn't willing to be vocal, Dodson vows to be the most vocal fighter in UFC if it means drawing more attention to the flyweights. And much like Urijah Faber was to the bantamweight division, Dodson says he will be the savior of the 125-pound weight class.

"Of course, we always thought it was going to be Ian McCall, but he hasn't been able to perform the way that he wants to. So, I guess I can step up and say that I am the savior of the flyweight division. And if everybody wants to have a light of hope for it, it'd be me. The bantamweights have Urijah Faber, flyweights have me."

Jon will return to the Octagon on May 23, 2015 when he faces Zachary Makovsky at UFC 187 in Las Vegas, Nevada (details), after sitting on the sidelines for the better part of a year due to a busted ACL.

With a win over "Fun Size," Dodson could find himself staring Johnson down one more time in the near future.

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