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Video: Tim Kennedy's excitement for Vitor Belfort vs. Chris Weidman dropping like 'The Phenom's' testosterone levels

"Fake injuries" and one failed drug test after another will do that to a fan.

While the mixed martial arts (MMA) world eagerly awaits the much-anticipated middleweight title fight between division kingpin Chris Wiedman and Vitor Belfort -- which goes down on May 23, 2015 at UFC 187 in Las Vegas, Nevada -- some, like Tim Kennedy, are losing interest by the day.

That's because the multiple delays caused by one setback after another have taken some air -- as well as some blood and urine -- out of the championship fight.

Furthermore, Kennedy told Submission Radio he doesn't feel Belfort is deserving of a title shot based on all of his past transgressions.

"Yeah man, my excitement for this fight is dropping like Vitor Belfort's testosterone levels. Just, like plummeting every single day; and having nothing to do with Chris Weidman. It's just, failed drug test here, hidden drug test there, a fake injury here. It's just like come on man, you've been cheating the system for too long, you kind of got caught, even though you've been caught a couple of times in the past. It's like, I don't even think he deserves to be fighting for a title. I know he's a huge name in Brazil and people love him and he has a great haircut, you know and Jesus Christ is like the best greatest thing in the world, and he drinks unicorn blood, but like the hypocrisy that exists within that one man is just too enormous to list in this short interview."

Can someone tell me if drinking unicorn blood better than drinking your own urine?

While Tim -- and perhaps others -- may be losing interest in the fight, he'll either have to pass on purchasing next month's UFC 187 pay-per-view (PPV) event or bite the bullet if he wants to gets his MMA fix for the month.

That's because if Jon Jones is indeed taken off the event thanks to his alleged hit-and-run accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico (read all of the details here), his main event scrap against Anthony Johnson will be cancelled and Weidman vs. Belfort will be the new headliner.

Sorry, Tim.

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