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UFC 186 'Johnson vs. Horiguchi' results recap for 'Prelims'

A colossal Canadian fight card gave fans inside the Bell Centre, and those watching live on Fight Pass and Fox Sports 1 (FS1), a sensational showing of mixed martial arts (MMA) action.

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is set to host its first mixed martial arts (MMA) pay-per-view (PPV) north of the border tonight (April 25, 2015).

UFC 186 features a stellar main event pairing of 125-pound kingpin Demetrious Johnson and No. 1 contender Kyoji Horiguchi. Prior to the PPV headliner, light heavyweight veterans slug it out when the returning Quinton Jackson meets Brazilian bomber Fabio Maldonado in the evening's co-main event.

The MMA madness doesn't stop there. UFC President Dana White and company have stacked the deck once again on Fight Pass and Fox Sports 1 (FS1), compiling a noteworthy preliminary card showcasing the likes of Patrick Cote, Joe Riggs, Alexis Davis and Sarah Kaufman.

The females won big in Montreal tonight and no one looked more impressive than Davis. After being routed in the opening round of her 135-pound tussle with Kaufman, she worked her magic on the ground and found a submission victory.

In the event you missed some of the evening's action, MMAmania has you covered. Below are the recaps for each "Prelims" fight:

Patrick Cote vs. Joe Riggs

Welterweight warriors went to head-to-head, and blow-for-blow, as "The Predator" matched up with "Diesel."

Cote goes to the body kick early in round 1. Diesel lands a right hand and drags The Predator to the mat. The 32-year-old Riggs has Cote's back. Cote is trying to shake off one of his underhooks. He lands in top position. Riggs gets back to his feet and is pummeled in the process. The 35-year-old Cote scores with a takedown and begins to work in butterfly guard. He attempts to get into full mount and lands body and head shots. Riggs stands back up but Cote grounds him again and is connecting on heavy punches. He's in half guard. Riggs is now defending a kimura attempt from Cote. The Canadian slides into side control. Riggs scrambles up to his feet and that concludes the opening round.

The former middleweight title challenger Cote is finding his rhythm in the stand-up. Riggs records a heavy right hand and begins to work in the clinch. He lands a nasty elbow and left hand on the break. Cote tags Riggs with a huge right uppercut. He lands a solid body punch. Riggs misses with the superman punch and the two tie up. Riggs takes the fight to the fence and is trying to use foot stomps to secure a takedown. He lands a brutal elbow in the clinch. Shoulder bumps from Riggs and a left hand. The pair tie up and Riggs comes close to taking Cote's back once again. Round 2 in the books.

Cote looking to open up on the feet. Throwing some feeler punches. Riggs scores on a takedown. Cote looks to get back to his feet, but Riggs stifles his efforts. He ends up on Cote's back. Riggs trying to secure a body lock. He never secured it and Cote turns into him and begins work in full guard. Cote lands some huge shots to the body and head. He's mixing up his ground strikes. Riggs is struggling to control Cote, who steps over into side control. The MMA Lab fighter Riggs eventually finds his way to the feet. He reverses Cote in the clinch and tries to land knees to the head. Riggs ends the fight on Cote's back, hammering away. The Predator earns the 'W' over Diesel by unanimous decision.

Alexis Davis vs. Sarah Kaufman

Top flight female bantamweight contenders faced off for the third time in their MMA careers' in an explosive and entertaining fight.

Kaufman lands a leg kick to start round 1. Davis connects with a jab. The 30-year-old Davis lands a flurry of right and left hands. Kaufman retaliates with a heavy assault of punches. She follows with a jab. She send Davis back a little bit with a right hand and leg kick. Davis instigates the clinch. The 29-year-old Kaufman lands a knee and left hand on the break. Davis is starting to swell under the left eye and Kaufman targets it more. More rights land for the former Strikeforce bantamweight champion. Kaufman's finishing her exchanges with multiple punches. She reverses Davis' clinch attempt and eats a knee in the process. Davis now in control. She's driving hard for the single-leg takedown. Kaufman reverses and is in control in the clinch. She lands a short elbow on the break. Kaufman lands an uppercut but eats a left counter from Davis. The dynamic duo exchange jabs before the fighters break at the end of the first frame.

Davis starts round 2 with a body kick and a good leg kick. She lands a solid right hand on Kaufman. The kicks are really working. Kaufman finds the mark with an overhand right. She lands it again, but Davis is beginning to settle down and find her rhythm. She gets tagged with a left hand that sent her back a bit. Kaufman plodding forward two minutes into the round. Kaufman catches a body kick, and looks for the takedown, but Davis reverses it and tosses her opponent to the ground and lands in full mount. Kaufman is stuck in a triangle-choke attempt from Davis. She switches to the armbar and we have a winner! Davis notches an incredible win in her first fight back since her loss to 135-pound champion Ronda Rousey.

Chad Laprise vs. Bryan Barberena

The heavy-handed striker Barberena looked to hand the undefeated Laprise the first loss of his career.

"Bam Bam" lands a sharp leg kick to start things off. He lands an outside leg kick. A head kick lands for the Canadian Laprise. Barberena connects with a body kick. The 28-year-old Laprise lands a head kick and follows it up with a right and left hand. Barberena is now throwing strikes from the orthodox stance. A huge left hand finds the mark for Laprise. Barberena returns with some right and left hands of his own. Laprise connects with a leg kick. Barberena switches back to southpaw. A spinning back kick lands for Laprise. He's teeing off with head kick attempts now. Barberena is keeping his left arm low. Laprise having his way with Barberena with 90 seconds left to go. Right hand-left uppercut combination finds the mark for Laprise. The MMA Lab representative Barberena scores with a body and leg kick to close out round 1.

Laprise starts round 2 by going high with a kick. Barberena attempts the left high kick. He gets tagged with a left hand and right head kick. Laprise has the American cornered against the cage for a moment. Barberena heads back to the orthodox stance and gets hurt with heavy right and left hands. The pair clinch for a moment then separate. Barberena misses on a high kick. He lands a solid leg kick after. He can't find a trip when the two clinch. Laprise connects with a solid leg kick. Barberena is backing Laprise up considerably now. He lands a heavy right hand on Laprise, who returns with a burst of punches. Bam Bam connects with a body kick and Laprise returns with a kick of his own as round 2 wraps up.

Barberena opens round 3 with a body kick. The 25-year-old lands a head kick and right jab. He's landing leg kicks from the orthodox stance. Laprise returning with good jabs. Barberena lands the takedown from the clinch. Laprise escapes and ends up in the clinch with Barberena. The pair exit with 3 minutes left in the final frame. Barberena is bck to the southpaw stance. He initiates the clinch and lands a solid knee on the break. Laprise scores with a spinning body kick. Laprise has been opened up on the back of his head. The fight is slowing down; more clinch action. Barberena showboating a little bit. He's taking the fight to Laprise and walking the Canadian down. A spinning back fist lands for Laprise. The pair slug it out with punches and kicks to conclude the third round. The judges award Laprise the unanimous-decision victory, while the MMA Lab team drops to 0-2 on the night.

Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. David Michaud

"The Quebec Kid" and MMA Lab's Michaud battled to see which fighter would continue to climb the UFC's stacked lightweight rankings.

Mercier goes high with a kick to get things started. "Bulldog" lands a flurry of punches. The 26-year-old Mercier lands a quick takedown but Michaud gets back to his feet fast. Tristar gym's Mercier grinding Michaud against the fence. He attempts to find another takedown, but doesn't find it. Instead, he lands heavy knees and punches to the chin the Arizona-based Michaud. Mercier drags Michaud to the mat and has his back. He's looking for a rear-naked choke and locks up the body triangle. Bulldog is defending the choke effectively and doing a good job of controlling the wrists of Mercier, who ends round 1 pummeling the face of Michaud.

Mercier connects with a body kick, but eats a counter right hand from Michaud to start round 2. The Quebec Kid misses on an uppercut. Mercier working the body kicks. He favors the left body kick from his southpaw stance. He lands a quick right jab. A right hand connects for Michaud. Mercier lands the lead uppercut and right hand. Michaud lands a heavy counter right hand that stuns and drops Mercier. He follows it up with a right head kick that connects partially. Mercier drops Michaud with a huge body kick and pounces on him. The fight is close to being stopped but Michaud finds his way to the fence as Mercier continues his assault. The pair take the center of the Octagon with 1:25 left in round 2. Michaud misses on a wild spinning heel kick. He eats a body kick from Mercier and counters with a right hand. Michaud connects with a hard left as the bell sounds.

A left body kick finds the mark for Mercier to open round 3. He's all over Michaud and is looking to bring this fight back to the mat. He's got the double underhooks and is on Michaud's back. Mercier gets the fight to the ground and secures the body lock. The Quebec Kid corrals the rear-naked choke he has become known for and ends this 155-pound tilt three minutes into the final frame.

Nordine Taleb vs. Chris Clements

Tristar Gym's Taleb and Team Tompkins representative Clements collided in what was a one-sided welterweight affair.

Clements opens up with a sharp leg kick and left hook. Taleb eats body kicks while stalking "The Menace" along the fence. The 39-year-old Clements lands another good body kick. An inherent blow to the groin of Taleb cause a momentary break in the action. Clements throws a wild overhand right and lands a body kick. The French striker lands his first significant piece of offense -- a left hook. Clements hits a spinning back kick, causing Taleb to answer with a body kick of his own. The 33-year-old controlling Clements in the clinch, lands knees and then a trip takedown. Both fighters back to the feet rather quickly after Taleb gets a little hasty. The pair exchange knees and separate ith just over a minute to go. Taleb catches a Clement's kick and lands on the ground and in side control. He lands a solid elbow. Taleb is in full guard now. He lands a big elbow and is looking to posture up. Round 1 concludes with Taleb working his ground and pound.

Clements counters a Taleb body kick with an overhand right to begin round 2. He then begins to land some hard leg kicks, before being taken down by the physically-imposing Taleb. He's working to improve his position, while in half guard. Clements gives up his back as he tried to escape. He gives up mount as Taleb continues to ride with him. Taleb back to half guard. We're halfway through the second frame and Taleb is landing huge shots and hammer fists to the head of Clements, who attempts a kimura from the bottom. Taleb just dominating Clements on the ground. He connects with elbows as he smothers Clements against the cage. Round 2 concludes with both fighters standing back up.

The Menace attempts the spinning back kick, but Taleb snatches him up and drags him to the floor. He is straddling his back on the mat. Taleb trips Clements, who tried to get back to his feet, and lands in half guard. Clements is looking to stand up but Taleb has the cradle. The pair get back to the feet with 2:30 left to go in the fight. Taleb lands a good kick to the body. The Mence finds the mark with an uppercut and a nice overhand right. He's clearly pushing the pace and looking for the knockout win. Taleb catches a kick and we're back on the ground. He's working from full guard. Clements is opened up and bleeding from the elbows of Taleb. Clements struggles to get back to his feet as round 3 concludes. Taleb continues his impressive start in the UFC and records the unanimous-decision win.

Jessica Rakoczy vs. Valerie Letourneau

Ontario's "Ragin" Rakoczy took to the Octagon in search of her first UFC win over "Trouble" in the night's second-straight women's strawweight bonanza.

Letourneau opens with a couple of strong left hooks. Rakoczy enters the clinch and lands shots to the body. We're back to striking moments later. The world boxing champion Rakoczy lands a crisp body shot, Letourneau counters with a leg kick. Rakoczy changes levels and hits the takedown. American Top Team's Letourneau attempts a triangle choke.The 38-year-old Rakoczy scrambles effectively, puts her weight on Letourneau and escapes an additional armbar attempt. She notches her second takedown of the round. The muay-thai specialist Letourneau reversed position, attempted an armbar but lost top control. Rakoczy is now in half guard. She lands a couple of punches and body shots. Rakoczy locks up a headlock and ends round 1 dominantly.

Rakoczy beings round 2 with a quick jab. The 31-year-old Letourneau returns the favor with a straight left jab. Rakoczy's left eye is swollen. She hits body-head combination that stuns her fellow Canadian counterpart. The TUF 20 castmember instigates the clinch. Letourneau lands knees to Rakoczy's thigh effectively and is denying the takedown attempt. She rocks Rakoczy with some hard punches and dirty boxing. They separate with two minutes left in the second frame. The pair exchange jabs in the center of the cage. Letourneau with a sound leg kick. She lands a good right hand and follows it with a body kick. Letourneau touches Rakoczy up with a right hand. She lands a good knee in the clinch after Letourneau unleashed a combo.They slug it out a bit more as the second round bell hits.

Before round 3 begins the doctor checks on Rakoczy's swollen right eye. We're good to go. Rakoczy comes out with a lot of aggression and pushes Letourneau into the fence. They separate after a few seconds and Letourneau begins working her kicks. Rakoczy lands a quick takedown but the pair stand back up. Letourneau lands a good switch kick to the body of Rakoczy. Rakoczy lands an excellent elbow on the break from the clinch. Letourneau back to working her low left kick and jab. She tees off on her body with knees and kicks in the clinch. Rakoczy reverses along the fence and has Letourneau against the cage. They break with 90 seconds left. Letourneau continues to light her opponent up. Rakoczy hits a nice left hook to the body and a hook to follow. Letourneau secures a late takedown to seal it, which earns her the unanimous-decision victory.

Aisling Daly vs. Randa Markos

Scintillating female strawweights Daly and Markos clashed in a pivotal matchup for the division.

Markos throws a quick one-two combination to get things started. The 29-year-old has her right hand cocked back. Daly charging in with uppercuts and hooks. Markos is connecting heavily with her right hand. The SBG Ireland staple is instigating a clinch battle along the fence. Markos looks for a trip, but doesn't find it. She continues to look for a Judo toss. The TUF 20 castmates are battling for position on the ground. Markos takes the Dublin native's back. The 27-year-old Daly is defending against a choke attempt intelligently. Markos hinds herself in top position and attempts an arm-triangle choke while in side control, then attempts an armbar, before Daly claims top position in a scramble to close round 1.

Daly begins round 2 with a body kick, but gets caught with a right from Markos. The pair engage in the pocket before Daly initiates the clinch. The latter hits a nice takedown, but Markos reverses and seeks a takedown of her own. Markos finds a head lock and rains down heavy punches. Daly gets back to her feet and is grinding Markos against the fence. We're two minutes away from the end of round 2 and Daly secures her second takedown of the frame. She slides into north-south position and lands ground-and-pound on the way there. Daly looks for a kimura, then lands devastating elbow shots. She peppers the Canadian some more before the end of the round.

Daly charges forward to start the final frame. Markos lands a couple of solid shots, before we get back to the clinch game. Daly driving hard for the takedown. Markos turns the tables and gets good position along the fence. She snatches a takedown and is in the same headlock position from earlier in the bout. Halfway through the third round and Markos is raining down punches. Daly is out and back to working the clinch. She looks for the takedown but Markos lands on top in full mount. "Quiet Storm" is close to securing an armbar. Markos is looking at the attempt from multiple angles, but Daly defends. The No. 6 ranked Markos is your winner by unanimous decision.

The preliminary card may be over, but don't stray away. MMAmania will be your go-to hub for UFC 186 results and news, which includes the marquee main event meeting between pound-for-pound stalwart and flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson and his challenger Kyoji Horiguchi.

For complete UFC 186: 'Johnson vs. Horiguchi' results, including play-by-play updates, click here.

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