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Who cares if Georges St-Pierre returns to MMA? The former UFC champ is Dairy Queen's biggest fan!

Diet? What diet?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fans around the world are still hoping to hear that longtime Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre will return to the cage in 2015, and with rumors circulating that "Rush" may in fact grace the Octagon once more, the anticipation only continues to build.

Of course, the former champ could just pull a Brock Lesnar and shut the door on MMA completely to end this madness, but then what stories will we come up with?

Well, we got one for you!

St-Pierre told the fans today during his UFC 186 Fight Club Q & A (replay here) that he is the biggest Dairy Queen fan on the planet.

His words:

"You would be surprised what kind of crap I eat sometimes. I love cheeseburgers, poutine, oh my god."

"I think I am the best customer to the Dairy Queen. There is a Dairy Queen near my house, and I go there almost every day. The guy is freaking out "are you kidding me?!" I take the vanilla sorbet, dip it in chocolate, oh my gosh so good. Try it! Someone who has never tasted it, it is amazing."

He's one of us!

If the former champ really does plan on returning to the cage sometime relatively soon, he better avoid eating too much Dairy Queen and cheeseburgers.

Or maybe he is bulking up so fight fans can finally witness the St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva superfight?

Probably wishful thinking.

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