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Judge to rule on Wanderlei Silva's lifetime MMA ban by May 11

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

If Judge Kerry Earley is as lenient as the one who gave Quinton Jackson his chance to return to the ranks of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), then Wanderlei Silva could be fighting in "Sin City" once again.

As early as May 11.

That's according to a report by MMA Junkie, which reveled that Silva's legal team went toe-to-toe with Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) in Clark County District Court on Wednesday (April 22, 2015), to see whether or not the commission had the right to administer an out-of-competition drug test prior to Silva's proposed fight against Chael Sonnen at UFC 175.

Of course, the test was never actually taken, as Silva did his best vanishing act when a NSAC rep showed up at his gym to make him pee. And with good reason, as Wanderlei admitted to avoiding the test due to the fact that his system was full of diuretics.

Despite the admission, NSAC ordered him back for another hearing. His lawyer, Dr. Ross Goodman, tried to get out of it by claiming that NSAC had no jurisdiction to punish Silva, because the Brazilian had yet to apply for a license to compete in Nevada prior to escape gate.

Those claims fell on deaf ears, as NSAC dropped the hammer down and gave him a lifetime ban from ever competing in the State of Nevada. They also attacked his bank account, to the tune of a whopping $70,000.

Silva has been on a crusade against NSAC ever since, going as far as filing a suit against the commission and labeling the group a bunch of "playboys" and "sons of bitches."

Staying true to their word, Team Silva is not giving up an inch in their fight against NSAC and in a little less than a month, we should find out whether or not "The Axe Murderer" will be plying his trade in his backyard, once again.

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