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Ex-manager: Georges St. Pierre is coming back for one last UFC fight

And Freddie Roach will be there to train him.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White offered Georges St. Pierre a main event fight at UFC 186, but the former welterweight champion turned him down cold, which probably prompted this doom-and-gloom scenario.

But it wasn't because "Rush" is over this whole mixed martial arts (MMA) thing.

Instead, St. Pierre (25-2) is saving his Octagon return for a special fight, one that will not only leave its mark on the UFC history books, but cleanse him of the controversial decision in the Johny Hendricks bout, which took place at UFC 167 in late 2013.

His former manager, Stephane Patry, talked to The MMA Hour:

"Georges is going to come back for one fight. I can't say he's going to come back and go on a title run and do 10 fights, but I know for sure he's going to come back for one fight. I know that Georges has the will, and he wants one more fight. He doesn't want to leave the sport with that fight with [Johny] Hendricks, I know that for a fact. He's going to come back for that one fight everyone wants to see. He's not going to come back for one fight that doesn't mean much in the history of mixed martial arts. He wants to make history with that one fight. With what happened with Anderson (Silva) in that one fight and his problems with the commission, I don't know what's going to happen now."

I think we can rule out the Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre "super fight."

St. Pierre walked away from combat sports in the wake of his "Bigg Rigg" victory, citing personal and professional stress as contributing factors to his impromptu hiatus (more on that here). Even if he does come back and reclaim his spot as the best, there's a good chance he will get KTFO.

So says this guy.

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