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'Frustrated' Max Holloway wants Conor McGregor rematch, won't cry over injury from first go-round

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

It's been said that the only reason Conor McGregor didn't finish Max Holloway at UFC Fight Night 26 in late 2013 is because the "Notorious" featherweight blew his ACL during the fight (more on that here) and lost most of his knockout power.

Or maybe...

Maybe the only reason Holloway didn't choke out McGregor is because the "Blessed" Hawaiian suffered a high-ankle sprain in the first 30 seconds of their 145-pound showdown, an injury that left him unable to maneuver during their three-round affair.

Holloway talks to MMA Hour:

"I'd love to get that McGregor fight. Everybody was like, ‘oh, McGregor beat you with an ACL,' that he destroyed me this and that. I was like cool, you know, because not a lot of people knew I was injured [too]. I came out with it, people were like, ‘oh you know he's making an excuse now, he comes out two years later'... and that's because I didn't want to cry about it. I'm not that person. But it just gets to a point where these guys keep saying, ‘you got annihilated, the guy had a blown ACL, blah blah,' and it's frustrating. A lot of people were like, ‘that was the best you,' this and that and the other stuff, but McGregor got hurt at the end of the second round. He got hurt on the ground. So I was thinking, that's my point exactly. Those guys say he's going to knock me out the next time -- he had two rounds to knock me out before he got injured. So where was it? I don't see it."

There's a chance these two could face off again in the very near future.

Since coming up short against McGregor in Boston, Holloway has ripped through the featherweight division, winning six straight fights and securing five finishes. That includes a submission victory over No. 5-ranked (lol) Cub Swanson last weekend in New Jersey (watch it).

During that span, McGregor is 3-0 -- all of them knockouts -- and will now battle Jose Aldo for the division title at UFC 189 in July (more on that fight here).

If and when we do see "McGregor vs. Holloway 2" ... how does it end?

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