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Phil Davis apologizes to UFC champion, 'poor guy,' Jon Jones for hurting his feelings

Phil Davis spoke with tonight about his new Bellator contract. And "Mr. Wonderful" offered up an apology to Jon Jones for a comment he made about the UFC champion last year.

Phil Davis signing new contract with Bellator MMA
Phil Davis signing new contract with Bellator MMA
Bellator MMA

Phil Davis could've re-signed with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), but he took what he felt was the better deal and went over to rival promotion Bellator MMA, signing a multi-fight contract earlier this week.

The former UFC Light Heavyweight standout -- who was ranked No.7 in the division before departing for greener pastures -- was asked just how far apart the two deals were financially.

"They were in the same ballpark except they weren't close," Davis told, speaking in vague terms because of confidentiality in his contract. "They were comparable deals, but they weren't close, you know what I mean?"

In Davis' eyes, the reasoning is simple: He fights for money ... and no other reason.

"You can't over think that," he said. "I'm literally a bully in a schoolyard fighting people for money. I don't care for who I fight for. I fight for money and I think that is what holds a lot of guys back, they want to fight for this or for that. The fact remains we are being compensated and that is ultimately what we are doing it for."

The former Penn State University national champion at 197 pounds made sure to convey he doesn't want to come off sounding like Floyd "Money" Mayweather -- who he said he "loves" -- but he is doing what is best for him. And he doesn't care what others have to say about it or whatever criticism he may hear regarding what he should or shouldn't do.

"When has that ever worked out for anyone?" Davis asked. "Your mother told you don't worry about what everyone else is doing and what everyone else is saying way back when. The same is true now and people that don't know better will say things that they don't know. You have to take care of yourself."

When news broke that Davis signed on with Bellator, current UFC champion Jon Jones had some disparaging remarks for "Mr. Wonderful." Davis initiated some trash talk last year when he compared Jones to a cookie and said the champ would "crumble" in his hand. Jones, of course, referred to that particular quote and said "good luck crumbling me like a cookie while you are over there."

Bellator's newest light heavyweight offered an olive branch to "Bones."

"You know what, here is what I have for Jon, because I think this is long overdue," Davis said. "I need to apologize to poor Jonny, because I said those words about crumbling him like a cookie and he has hung onto those words for all of about a year now. And apparently he hung onto those words because I hurt his feelings. So, let me apologize to him by saying sorry I said I was going to crumble you like a cookie, because he has still not let that go. I get it. I feel bad the poor guy has been worried about that comment ever since I said it. He is very sensitive you know?"

Now that Davis is in the Bellator, he must shift his sights on their 205-pound champion, Liam McGeary. And he is already envisioning climbing to the top of the Bellator light heavyweight mountain.

"I want to be the best no matter where I am," said Davis. "Now I am in Bellator and I want to be the best there. Right now Liam McGeary is holding down the belt, so I want to fight him."

As for the rest of the division, which has Emmanuel Newton, Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal and Tito Oritz, among others, Davis said, "the 205-pound division is loaded with some pretty tough talent, but I think to myself I am a very tough guy. I feel like I'm ready to get in there and fight any of those guys."

Davis last fought in January on the UFC on FOX 14 card, losing a split decision to Ryan Bader, which dropped his record to 13-3. There is no timetable for his first appearance in the Bellator cage, but he mentioned it would take place "reasonably soon."

There are several fighters that Davis trains with at Alliance MMA in San Diego, Calif., who are in Bellator -- Michael Chandler being the most notable -- and the Pennsylvania native said they offered encouraging words before he signed on with the promotion.

"I don't know if the word is recruit, but, of course, I have teammates that fight there and I talked with them and they are all happy guys," Davis said. "They haven't always had a perfect relationship, but in their grievances they get things worked out and they are happy. That is a pretty good working environment and I think I can live with that."

One thing the former UFC fighter is happy to live without is the Reebok sponsorship deal in the UFC that will begin in July of this year. Davis will now be free to gain as many sponsorships as he can.

"Well, that seems to be a sensitive subject the whole sponsorship thing," he said. "For the sake of my teammates and my friends and all the guys I've met in the years of fighting in the UFC, I hope the Reebok deal turns out to be a positive one for the guys still fighting. But, I am so looking forward to having back a lot more sponsors and for that reason I am thrilled to be in Bellator."

Spike TV has recently launched its new combat sports branding with "Friday Night Lights Out" promotion that includes Bellator MMA, GLORY kickboxing and Premier Boxing Championship. Davis is looking forward to fighting in front of a new audience and introducing himself to new viewers.

"As far as my brand, I'm all about reaching new fans and fans that aren't necessarily MMA fans and that is something I will be able to do a little bit easier on Spike," he said. "It opens me up to a little bit different viewership. Definitely the same graphic, but maybe not the same people that are going to sports bars and watching pay-per-views."

As for whether or not he'd continue to sport his trademark pink shorts?

"I might not. We'll see. I'll have to surprise you with that one."

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