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Sonnen: Just because Brock Lesnar signed with WWE, doesn't mean he's done in UFC

Chael doing a lot of predicting these days.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight kingpin Brock Lesnar says his time in mixed martial arts (MMA) is done for good, one of the deciding factors in his recent contract extension with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Chael Sonnen is not convinced.

In fact, "The American Gangster" -- who flirted with WWE earlier this year for a spot at WrestleMania 31 -- thinks Lesnar could very easily make a second run inside the Octagon, though it may depend on just how "clever" UFC President Dana White can be.

Sonnen talks to MMA Junkie:

"Just because he signed with them doesn't mean he can't still go to the UFC. Dana White and Vince McMahon have worked hand-in-hand before. That's actually how Vince got Brock this most recent time, is Dana released him to him. Dana can get done about anything he wants. He's a very clever guy. What we see is what we get. I think Brock's time in the Octagon is done, but Brock's a presence. He's a fun guy, and if he wants to come back, I'm sure he could."

Lesnar turns 38 in July.

There was serious talk about having "The Beast Incarnate" return to UFC over the last few months, though many insiders felt it was a device to help drive up his asking price in WWE. When all was said and done, Lesnar couldn't resist the part-time schedule and full time pay of his pro wrasslin' gig.

Something Ronda Rousey got a taste of just last weekend.

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