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Daniel Cormier: I would have punched Conor McGregor in the face if he touched my UFC title

"If it was me, we are in Ireland so the Nevada State Athletic Commission does not oversee that -- I would have punched him, directly in his face and said 'get your little grubby hands off of my title!'"

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight division No. 1 contender, Daniel Cormier, would not have been able to stand by and watch someone like Conor McGregor put his "grubby hands" on his championship title. That was a situation reigning featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo faced not once, but twice during his UFC 189 world tour, which concluded earlier this week in Dublin, Ireland. "Junior," for the most part, has been able to play it cool while "Notorious" carried on like a one-man circus, but perhaps things would have gone differently had the Irishman been pushing the buttons on someone like "DC," who has a history of "losing his shit" around people he doesn't like.

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