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UFC Fight Night 68: Ryan Bader wants Jon Jones rematch with knockout win over Daniel Cormier

This time around, Bader says his fight against "Bones" will be much different. Though the 205-pound champion, Jones, has his own theory.

In 2010, Ryan Bader and Jon Jones met in a battle of up-and-coming contenders which would see one fighter take the next step and vie for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight title.

In the end, it was Jones who systematically broke Bader down and submitted him in round number two, earning himself a championship fight against Mauricio Rua.

The rest, as the say, is history.

"Bones" went on to defend his title -- one that he still has -- multiple times, while Bader went on to win seven of his next 10 bouts including his current four-fight win streak. And if he can get past his next tough challenge in Daniel Cormier at UFC Fight Night 68 on June 6, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana, "Darth" could find himself in his first-ever title fight.

And possibly a rematch against Jones; one he says would go much differently, according to his comments to Submission Radio (via FOX Sports):

"I'm a totally different fighter [compared to] then. I came into the sport just a wrestler and that's it. I didn't really have anything else, and by getting the right people around me and everything, I've definitely grown as a fighter. So, I definitely want to get a rematch because I'm definitely 100 percent not the fighter I was. And the fighter I am today would whoop my own ass...back then."

While Jones will likely agree that the new-and-improved version of Bader can kick his old version's ass, the only thing he sees going differently in a rematch between them is the time it would take to finish him.

Of course, "Darth" still has one tall order in front of him, as he has to try and hand "DC" his second professional MMA loss before he can get to the promised land. And he plans on doing just that by knocking him out in front of his hometown crowd.

Anyone like Bader's chances of fulfilling that prophecy?

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