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GLORY 20 results stream: Live Superfight Series, Spike TV kickboxing updates from Dubai

GLORY Sports International

GLORY returns Friday morning (April 3, 2015) for the kickboxing promotion's second fight card of 2015 and its first overseas trip of the year. GLORY 20: "Dubai" features a stacked card with two title fights and a one-night, four-man middleweight tournament that features the top fighters on the roster in one of its most competitive divisions. will deliver LIVE coverage of the "Superfight Series" that starts online (get complete viewing details right here) at 10:30 a.m. ET on Friday morning. Later on in the day, we will provide full tape-delayed coverage of the Spike TV broadcast that begins at 9 p.m. ET. Therefore, in the spirit of community courtesy, please don't post spoilers once the "Superfight Series" ends.

In GLORY 20's main event, Robin van Roosmalen will defend his Lightweight strap for the first time against Andy "The Machine" Ristie. Ristie defated "RvR" by knockout to win the GLORY 12 Lightweight tournament back in 2013. Meanwhile, van Roosmalen defeated Davit Kiria via split decision to win the title at GLORY 18 in Nov. 2014.

In addition, the vacant Featherweight title will be up for grabs in the co-main event of the evening as Canada's Gabriel Varga -- the winner of the GLORY 17 tournament -- takes on No.1-ranked Featherweight, Mosab Amrani.

Once again there will be a one-night, four-man tournament taking place. For GLORY 20, four of the Middleweight division's best will battle out for the Ramon Dekkers trophy and to earn a title shot against Artem Levin at GLORY 21 in San Diego, Calif., on May 8, 2015.

In the semifinal round, Canada's Simon Marcus will take on New York's Wayne Barrett, while Brazilian standout Alex Pereira -- who won the GLORY 14 tournament -- will face Dutchman Jason Wilnis.


Robin van Roosmalen defeats Andy Risite by UD (49-44 x 3) to retain the LW title
Gabriel Varga def Mosab Amrani via UD (50-46, 48-47, 49-46) Varga new FW Champion
Middleweight Tournament Final: Simon Marcus def Jason Wilnis by SD (28-30, 30-27 29-28)
Middleweight Tournament Semi: Jason Wilnis def Alex Pereira via UD (28-27, 28-27, 29-28)
Middleweight Tournament Semi: Simon Marcus def Wayne Barrett via UD (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Superfight Series
Eisa Al Dah vs. Cesar Soriano 
Chi Lewis Parry defeats Yong-Su via KO RD 1 (0:25)
Saulo Cavalari def Artem Vakhitov via split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)
Mourab Bouzidi def Dustin Jacoby via unanimous decisoin (30-27 x 3)
Chad Sugden def Atakan Arslan via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Anatoly Moiseev def Max Baumert via KO RD 1 (0:38)
Samir Boukhidous def Mikhail Chalykh via KO RD 1


Lightweight title fight: Andy Ristie vs. Robin van Roosmalen

Round one: Stefano Valenti is the ref. Ristie has to change gloves bc of a tear on his right thumb. And Spike not going to commercial. What a treat for us! This may be the first televised glove change in kickboxing history. This is so odd. You can hear the tape as they wrap up his gloves. I am cracking up right now. Ok here we go.Ristie comes out with a kick. Ristie lands a push kick. He avoids a punch by RvR. Ristie lands a knee. Risite checks a low kick. Ristie looks super loose and comfortable. Ristie eats a groin shot and the fight is haulted. Ristei still finding distance with his push kick. Ristie hits a low kick. RvR goes to the body with a left.Ristie keeping RvR away with his jab. RvR throw a couple but Risite covers up. Ristie goes to the body with a right. RvR misses an overhand. Ristie eats a low kick. RIsite lands a left to the body. The bell and the round ends.

Round two: Ristie lands a right to the body. RvR lands a combo. RvR finding range here in the second. Knee by Ristie. RvR with a body kick. Ristie ducks under a right hand. RvR checks a kick. RvR lands a left hook. Ristie lands a right to the body. Low blow lands to RvR's groin. RvR whiffs on a left hook. Ristie misses a high kick. RvR misses a right.

Round three: RvR lands a low kick. Ristie fires back with a left jab. Ristie lands a right low kick. An inside low kick by Ristie finds it's mark. RvR clinches up and the ref breaks them. Push kick by RvR. Inside low kick by Ristie lands again. Another inside low kick. Ristie clinches when RvR comes inside. Ritie fires to the body. RvR backs Ristie up with a combo. Risie blocks a back fist attempt by RvR. Ristie eats a left hook by RvR. Ristie lands a left. Ristie lands another low inside kick. The bell and the round.

Round four: Both fighter exchanging to start the round. Ristie gets wobbled by a RvR punch. Both guys tiriing Ristie still on defensive. Ristie moves away from RvR. Ristie goes to the body again. They clinch up  in the middle. Ristie ducks under a right hand and eats a left. RIght cross lands by RvR. Riste is on the defensive. Ritsie hit an uppercut. Both fighters content on fighting in a phone booth. Left hook lands by RvR and Ristie is wobbling. Two more rights and another left and Ristie goes down. Ristie beats the count but that should seal the deal right there.

Round five:

Final result: Robin van Roosmalen defeats Andy Ristie by unanimous decision (49-44, 49-44, 49-44) to retain the lightweight title


Featherweight title fight: Gabriel Varga vs. Mosab Amrani

Round one: Tobias Gerold is your ref for this title fight. This should be a fun one. Varga misses a job. And comes in with a left to the body. Amrani moves in with a punch to the body of his own. Varga goes to th body again. And again. Varga lands a jab. Amrani lands a hook to the body.Amrani lands a big combo that finishes to the body. Varga goes to the body with a left again.Varga attacks with a knee and Amrani lands a right. Great action so far. Varga misses a high kick. Varga misses a back fist. Left hook to the body by Varga. Varga moves forward with an attack buy nothing gets through. Varga lands a left and the round ends.

Round two: Smrani comes in to start the round. Varga slips and the ref haults the round to wipe up the mat. Action resumes. Varga counters and Amrani goes down but it's ruled a slip. Blood over the left eye of Amrani. Varga misses a knee. Varga is landing quite a bit this round. Varga lands a big left hook and eats a right from Amrani in the exchange. Amrani seems to be tiring. Varga goes to the body with a right hand. Varga comes with a combo and a left gets through. Varga comes forward. Amrani throws a kick at the end of the round that is blocked and he slips to the mat.Replay shows the cut came from a clash of heads.

Round three: Varga goes to the body with a combo and hits a left hook on the button. Amrani tries a flying knee and Varga pushes him back.Amrani is throwing wildly here  but doesn't connect. Amranni comes forwardbut Varga hits the body again. AMrani slips again after a kick attempt. Varga hits  a left hook again. Amrani slips again. Straight right gets through the guard fro Varga. Varga lands a left to the body. Amrani clinches and the ref breaks them up. Varga comes forward and attacks the body. Varga hits another straight right. Amrani is fading. Varga throws a right, they clinch and the bell sounds.

Round four: Right hand lands by Varga and it backs Amrani up.Varga lands a low kick and an uppercut. Amrani whiffs on a right hand. Varga misses and uppercut. Amrani lands a right straight. Amrani swinging wildly and Varga slips the punches. Varga throws a back fist that misses. Amrani goes to the body with a left hand. Varga lands a low kick to the outside. Amrani lands a grazing right hand. Varga hits a right cross on the button. Varga pushes Amrani into the ropes. Varga goes to the body and has Amrani in the corner. The round ends.

Round five: Final round. Varga lands a low kick to the outside. AMrani lands one of his own. Varga lands a left hook. Amrani is throwing wild again. Varga misses a high kick. Varga lands a low kick. An uppercut lands by Varga. Varga misses a back fist again. Both fighters look exhausted. Amrani misses a right hand. Varga lands a right uppercut. Varga misses a knee but backs Amrani into the ropes. Push kick by Varga. Right cross misses by Varga. Right cross lands for Varga. Left hook lands by Varga and Varga slips a punch by Amrani. Varga with a low kick. Varga throw a knee and it's blocked at the bell.

Final result: Gabriel Varga defeats Mosab Amrani via unanimous decision (50-46, 48-47, 49-46) Varga becomes first GLORY featherweight champion


Middleweight Tournament Final: Marcus vs. Wilnis

Round one: Tobias Gerold is the ref. Marcus high kick is blocked by WIlnis. WIlnis catches a push kick and throws a punch. Marcus comes forward with a nice combo. Marcus catches a kick and sweeps Wilnis to the mat. THey clinch in the middle. Marcus throws a push kick. They clinch again and ref calls for break. marcus misses a right and WIlnis misses a return. Wilnis goes to the body and Marcus clinches up again. Marcus attempts a knee. Wilnis covers up to block  a right by Marcus. Wilnis lands an outside low kick. Wilnis lands a right hand. Wlinis loses his mouthpiece and ref haults action. Fight resumes and the bell sounds. Close fight thus far.

Round two: Marcus misses a right hand. Wilnis comes forward and Marcus lands a one-two combo. Marcus throws a left kick that is blocked. Marcus lands a knee to the body and they clinch. Wilnis lands a jab and they clinch. Marcus lands a body kick. Marcus hits a right hand and another gets in behind the guard.Marcus has his kick caught buy avoids the punch by Wilnis. Marcus comes in aggressively in the corner but only lands a right. The round ends.

Round three: Wilnis coming in as the aggressor but Marcus avoids the flurry. Wilnis gets a jab through the guard. Marcus eats a low kick and throws a knee and clinches. marcus throws a left hook as he circles out. Body kick by Marcus. Wilnis shells up and Marcus attempts a knee. A left straight lands by Marcus. Wilnis lands a low kick. Marcus gets a right in behind the guard.Marcus misses a front kick and eats a low kick by WIlnis. Push kick by Marcus and a left. Marcus marches forward and throws a knee. Wilnis missing wild punches. marcus clinches up and the bell sounds.

Final result: Simon Marcus defeats Jason Wilnis by split decision (28-30, 30-27 29-28)


Middleweight Tournament Semifinal: Jason Wilnis vs. Alex Pereira

Round one: Stefano Valenti is your referee once again. Pereria lands a body kick and a low kick to start it off. Wilnis lands a low kick. Both fighters standing in center of ring. Pereria eats a hook and goes to a knee for the knock down. Pereria lands a body kick. And Wilnis marches forward with big punches. He lans a right and eats a knee from Perieira. The Brazilian lands another low kick.Wilnis presses forward again. Pereira lnads a right hand. Wilnis hits a straight right and a punch ot the body. Wilnis teeing off in the corner. Again to the body. WIlnis misses with a hook. WIlnis misses on a hook to the body . Pereira lands a low kick and misses an uppercut. The round ends. Great round. Too bad Marcus and Barrett didnt' fight like this.

Round two: Wlinis blocks a high kick. Pereira comes fowardwith a knee. WIlnis lands a ikck to answer. Pereiera coming forward. Outside low kick by Wilnis. Pereira lands a couple of low kicks. Pereia has a knee attempted blocked and misses on a back kick. Wilnis firest a right and hits an outside low kick. Knee up the middle misses by Pereiera. Wilnis hits a low kick and Pereira slips to the mat. Wlnis comes with a high kick and a right to the body.Wilnis misses a knee. Wilnis gets two rights through behind Pereiera's guard. Pereira hits a back kick. Wilnis lands a left and misses an overhand right. Wilnis hits an outside low kick as the round ends.

Round three: Pereria comes forward with a pair of knees that back up WIlnis.Wilnis lands another low kick. Pereira throws a one-two combo that's blocked. Wilnis misses a left hand. Wilnis blocks a right hand by Pereira and he blocks a knee attempt. Wilnis with a one-two followed by a low kick that lands again. Wilnis hits a right and another low kick. Pereira fires to the body and lands a left hook that drops WIlnis. Periera comes one and WIlnis is defending. WIlnis land a hook to the body. WIlnis lands a right and the fight ends.

Great fight. Both fighters score knockdowns. This could be a split decision or it's headed to an extension round.

Final result: Jason Wilnis defeats Alex Pereira via unanimous decision (28-27, 28-27, 29-28)


Middleweight Tournament Semifinal: Wayne Barrett vs. Simon Marcus

Round one: Stefano Valenti is your referee. And we are off. Marcus lands a kick to start things off. Barrett circles outside and eats a body kick. Barrett misses a looping hook. Both fighters a bit cautious here. Barrett throws up a side kick tht doesn't land. Marcus clinches up and delivers a knee before the ref separates them. Barrett misses a high kick and Marcus misses a left. Barrett checks a kikc and throws a straight right. Barrett catches a low kick. Marcus misses big right hand and pushes Barrett into the corner and the round ends.

Round two: Barrett moves forward to start the second. Barrett catches another kick. Barrett lands a right and then cirlcles out. Marcus clinches up. Marcus lands a glancing kick. Barrett checks a low kick. Marcus misses on a high kick. Barrett lands a teep. Marcus hoes to the body with a kick and lands a low kick. Marcus lands a third low kick. Marcus catches a low kick. Barrett lands a low kick of his own. Marcus lands another outside low kick. Barrett lands an inside low kick. Marcus misses on a high kick. Barrett misses on a right hand while his back is on the ropes. Barrett and Marcus both appear cautious still. Marcus misses on another high kick. Marcus misses with a jab. Barrett comes forward with a flurry but Marcus defends. Marcus throws a kick that misses it's mark and his leg gets caught in ropes as round ends.

Round three: Barrett misses and Marcus is putting the pressure on in this round and clinches up. Marcus lands a low kick and a second one. Barrett with a seldom used crescent kick. He lands a low kick. Barret lands a jab. Marcus comes forward and they clinch up. Barrett lands a jab backing up. Marcus pushes Barrett into the corner. Marcus misses a kick and then clinches up again. Marcus pressed the action but didn't land a ton. Nor did Barrett for that matter.

Final result: Simon Marcus def Wayne Barrett by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)



Eisa Al Dah vs. Cesar Soriano

Round one:

Round two:

Round three:

Final result:


Park Yong-Su vs. Chi Lewis Parry

Round one: Tobias Gerald is your referee for this heavyweight battle. Chopper Chi drops Yong-Su in about 10 seconds. Jesus. A right left right and all three got through the guard to drop Yong-Su.

Final result: Parry defeats Yong-Su via KO RD 1 (0:25)


Saulo Cavalari vs. Artem Vakhitov

Round one: I can't wait for this fight!!! Vakhitov trains with Levin and is super talented. Cavalari won the GLORY 18 tournament. Once again Tobias Gerold is your referee. Cavalari and Vakhitov exchange low kicks. Cavalaiar lands a right. and low kick. And another. Vakhitov lands a jab and ducks a high kick. Vakhitov hits a low kick that sends Cavalari to the canvas. Cavalari again with the low kicks. Cavalari again with a low kick. Vakhitov switches stances and lands a left. Vakhitov backs Cavalari up into the corner. Cavalari lands another low kick. Vakhitov misses a back kick. An exchange leads to a clinch and the round ends.

Round two: Vakhitov lands a body kick to start it off. Cavalari attacks and Vakhitov clinches up. Another low kick from the Brazilian and counter right hand by Vakhitov and he checks a low kick. Sorry internet issue waiting for an unexpected buffering. FML.

Round three: Cavalari again with a low kick. And another. Cavalari moves in again and they clinch up. Vakhitov most likely needs a KO here to win this one. Oh well. There goes the internet stream again. Vakhitov misses a back kick but checks a low kick. Again they clinch. Vakhitov lands a right to the body. They clinch once again. Vakhitov misses with a right.  30 seconds left. Cavalari misses a kick again. Another knee check by Vakhitov. Should be a unanimous decision for Cavalari. Saki is ring side. Wonder if they are actually going to re-sign Saki.

Final result: Saulo Cavalari defats Artem Vakhitov via split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)


Dustin Jacoby vs. Mourab Bouzidi

Round one: Jacoby walks out to Simple Man by Skynrd. Doesn't get more Merica than that. Jacoby usually competes at middlweight and took the fight on short notice, filling in for the injured Pat Barry. Stefano Valenti is your referee. Here we go. Jacoby lands an outside low kick to start it off. Bouzidi comes in and Jacoby counters with a jab. Jacoby eats a right and covers up. Bouzidi comes forward. Jacoby lands a combo. Bouzidi lands a hard kick to the body. Jacoby circles out and fires a cross. BOuzidi backs him into the ropes. Left hook to the body by Bouzidi. Bouzidi walks Jacoby back again. Jacoby lands a jab and throws up  a push kick. Bouzidi lands a left jab and a right low kick. Jacoby lands a jab and misses a cross. Bouzidi lands a push kick. Bouzidi pushes Jacoby into the corner and misses on a knee.

Round two: Bouzidi lands a low kick. Jacoby lands one himself. Jacoby lands a push kick. Jacoby pushes forward and misses on a knee. Jacoby more aggressive in this round. Bouzidi has a cut on his nose. REf stops it for a groin kick that lands to Jacoby. They restart. Jacoby pressing forward again and pushes him back with a push kick. Jacboy throws Bouzidi to the floor. Ref gives him a warning. Big right lands behind Bouzidi's guard. Jacoby lands a one two. Bouzidi counters with a right. Jacoby lands a jab and  a pair of right hands. Dustin lands a left jab to end the round.

Round three: Jacoby comes out aggressive again. Bouzidi attempts a knee. Both fighters pressing the action. Fighters clinch up against the rope. Jacoby lands a right hook. Bouzidi lands a pair of punches to the body. Once again they clinch in middle. Bouzidi misses a right. Jacoby lands again up stairs. Jacoby eats a right hand. Jacoby misses a big right. Bouzidi lands a hook. Bouzidi slips and falls. Jacoby lands a low kick. Bouzidi goes for another knee. There is the bell. Should be a decision for Bouzidi. Jacoby could've won the second round.

Final result: Mourad Bouzidi defeats Dustin Jacoby via unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)


Atakan Arslan vs.Chad Sugden

Round one: Stefano Valenti is once again your referee. They touch gloves . Sugden hits a push kick and comes forward with a combo. Sugden comes in againt on the attack. And a third time Sugden backs Arslan up. Arslan misses a low kick. Arslan tries and misses a flying knee. Arslan lands a low kick. Sugden push kick sends Arlsan backward. Arslan misses a combo and Sugden clinches him up. Arslan misses a high kick. Sugden dictating the pace here. Sugden sticks a jab. Arslan lands a body kick and good right hand. Sugen gets in an uppercut before the bell.

Round two: Arslan lands a low kick to start the round. ANother push kick by Sugden. Arslan comes forward but misses. Arslan slips on a kick attempt. Sugden lands a left hook and than floors Arslan with a push kick. Those arent' ruled knockdowns if you didn't know. Arslan catches Sugden's push kick but can't sweep him. Sugen lands a jab again. Sugden slips a punch and comes forward with a combo. Sugden continuing to out box Arslan here. Two jabs hit the mark again for Sugden. Sugden misses on a jumping knee. Arslan lands a solid outside low kick. Sugend lands another combo.

Round three: Arlsan pressing the action early. He lands another low kick. Sugden answers with one of his own. Sugden misses on a spinning heel kick. Sugden continues to attack with his combos. Sugden lands a back kick. Sugden with another push kick. Arslan has no answer for Sugden. Sugden gets hit with a right hand but shakes it off. Sugden keeps him at bay with the push kick again. Sugden tries for a back fist. Sugden attacks with a body kck. Arslan falls after a kick attempt. And the bell and the fight. Sugden should be the unanimous decision.

Final result: Chad Sugden def Atakan Arslan via unanimous dec 30-27


Anatoly Moiseev vs. Max Baumert

Round one:  Your ref is Stefano Valenti. Here we go. Good morning peeps. Baumert starts the action off with a combo to the body and boom a big right head kick floors Baumert. Wow. Baumert beats the count but he is wobbling like a guy before a Mortal Kombat fatality. Valenti calls it off. Baumert injured his leg when he was dropped and he limped back to locker room.

Final result: Moiseev def Baumert by KO via headkick RD 1 (0:38)


Samir Boukhidous vs. Mikhail Chalykh

Round one: Tobias Gerald is the third man in the ring for this middleweight scrap. Chalykh pushes Samir into the corner and boom he drops him with a big right hand. The action restarts and another right hand drops Chalykh again and taunts him when he hits the deck. That is it referee Tobias Gerald waves it off.

Final result: Samir Boukidous def Mikhail Chalykh via KO RD 1


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