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UFC on FOX 15 results: Paige VanZant brutalizes Felice Herrig, wins unanimous decision in Newark

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Felice Herrig and Paige VanZant traveled down wildly different mixed martial arts (MMA) paths before they intersected this evening (Sat., April 18, 2015) at UFC on FOX 15 inside Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

And it was the one less-traveled that ultimately won out in "Brick City."

Herrig immediately went after VanZant, who responded with knees in the clinch. VanZant eventually scored a throw, but Herrig was able to reverse and take her back and threaten with a rear-naked choke. She eventually got her hooks in just 90 seconds into the match and VanZant was in all sorts of trouble.

VanZant was able to escape, and as Herrig threatened with a last-ditch armbar, she spiked her on her head to finally break free.

After another tussle along the cage, VanZant tossed Herrig again and this time she was able to score points with ground-and-pound. She dropped down for a leglock toward the end of the first round, but nothing materialized as the horn blared.

Round to started with VanZant hitting the mat early on a missed kick and Herrig rushing her into another clinch along the cage. VanZant landed some really nice knees and elbows before pulling her down to the ground. Herrig was able to get back to her feet and score a takedown of her own, but VanZant was able to reverse position in the scramble.

VanZant postured up and landed strikes, while Herrig struggled to sink in a submission. Herrig was able to lock in an armbar, but VanZant once again was able to stand up and escape. VanZant finished with a nice flurry as the bell sounded -- Herrig appeared to be in bad shape heading into the third and final frame.

VanZant opened round three with a kick to the chest before the ladies got tangled up along the fence once again. And in less than one minute she had Herrig on the ground once again, stuffed into the bottom of the cage. While Herrig played a little leg Twister, VanZant unloaded on her face with hammerfists and punches.

Herrig was able to sneak behind her in a sitting position, but VanZant rolled back into half-guard. VanZant then went nuts, boxing Herrig's ears and bashing her face with clean shots -- the referee appeared to be ready to step in at any moment. However, Herrig continued to move, even though she was unable to mount zero offense.

VanZant did just about everything in her power to finish Herrig, but "Lil' Bulldog" was somehow able to see the final bell. That's about the only positive to take out of a lopsided beating, as VanZant's relentless abuse was enough to win her a brutalizing unanimous decision.


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