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Dana White on UFC fighters: 'Everyone of these guys will kick Mayweather's ass'

Here we go again.

First it was Ronda Rousey, then it was Conor McGregor, and now it is essentially any fighter in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) that can beat undefeated Boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather.

Wait what?!

That's right! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White told TMZ Sports recently that he is confident that any fighter on UFC's roster could defeat "Money" because he is simply a pugilist as opposed to an all-around martial artist.

His words:

"Boxing is one thing. These guys do everything. Everyone of these guys will kick Mayweather's ass."

This is the same argument every fighter has ever made when comparing Boxing to MMA, and yet the only time a seasoned pugilist stepped into the Octagon was when James Toney was embarrassed at the hands of five-time UFC champ Randy Couture way back in 2010.

Hyperbole aside, do any of you maniacs out there believe every fighter has what it takes to down Mayweather?

"Money" has a lot more to worry about than fictional MMA fights, as the world champ finally takes on Manny Pacquiao on May 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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