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'Fed up' member of Brazil's Taekwondo team slams Anderson Silva, calls Olympic ambitions a joke

No love for "The Spider?"

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Anderson Silva wants to be on the Brazilian Taekwondo Olympic team (read about it here), but does the team want him?

That doesn't appear to be the case, as it seems the majority of the existing squad are already fed up with talks about Silva potentially joining them in 2016 when the games touch down in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

And while most are keeping their comments about the topic to themselves, one member, Guilherme Cezario Felix, isn't biting his tongue, as he recently lashed out via Facebook by calling the potential move nothing more than a "joke" and marketing technique on Silva's part.

He also warns the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight kingpin that if he does indeed go through with a tryout, he better come prepared -- or walk away embarrassed (translation by Bloody Elbow).

"Let's stop kidding. Myself and most of the tae kwon do athletes are fed up with this thing about Anderson Silva trying to apply for the Olympic Games. He can try just like anyone who is officiated by the regulations can. Many people are taking this very seriously, but I don't think this is more than a joke, some kind of personal marketing. Everybody is putting it carefully, but I'm tired. I have nothing against him, I don't even know him personally, but this is a laughing matter. If he really wants to apply for the spot, then let him come. It's his risk and I think he'll have to really prepare if he doesn't want to embarrass himself. I'm looking forward to it. There won't be any more jokes or games about it. There, I said it."


Now that it seems the team isn't too happy about the possibility of having the UFC superstar joining them, it will be interesting to see if "The Spider" goes through with the application process.

Judging by this clip, Silva is already getting started on his training.

If he decides to opt out, he still has mixed martial arts (MMA). Of course, until he eventually appears in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) to answer for his multiple failed drug tests, he'll continue to be on the outs with the sport that made him a household name, as well.

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