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Freddie Roach blasts 'selfish' Floyd Mayweather, 'Money' manager says Manny Pacquiao will get his head knocked off

The war of words is heating up.

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We're about three weeks away from the biggest boxing fight in history, as pound-for-pound and box office king, Floyd Mayweather Jr., is set to take on Manny Pacquiao on May 2, 2015 from inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And surprisingly, the trash-talking front has been rather calm.

Until now.

While "Money" and "Pac Man" have kept their words to themselves for the most part, members of their respective camps have no qualms in spitting fire for them. In Manny's corner, longtime trainer Freddie Roach recently told ESPN that Mayweather is simply a "selfish" fighter after he left the media stranded with dead air by arriving late for the open workouts.

Roach also stated that unlike his past fights, the bout against Manny was not hand picked by "Money," but suggests that he was forced to take it.

"Mayweather is a different 'A side' now and you can guess what the 'A' stands for. He was late for his media workout leaving major media outlets scheduled to go live with dead air. How selfish is that? It doesn't take a lot to figure out why everyone is rooting for Manny. Just look at which fighter has the most endorsements going into this fight and why. When Manny beats Mayweather, it won't only be about unifying the welterweight titles, it will also be a public service to boxing. I am so glad that Mayweather is big on Shots [a social media Mayweather uses] because he is going to be taking a lot of them from Manny on May 2. That is why he has been avoiding Manny for so long. He didn't want this fight. He can pretend it was a strategy to build up the fight's value but that's not true. For once, Mayweather wasn't able to handpick his opponent. He was forced to take this fight -- by Manny, the media, and the fans."

Not quite Conor McGregor like, but it's something.

Leonard Ellerbe, Floyd's longtime manager, gave his prediction to Yahoo! News by saying that "Money" is ready to take the Filipino's head off in "Sin City."

"Floyd Mayweather is going to try to take Manny Pacquiao's head off. You can count on that happening, too. Floyd Mayweather is looking to finish him off."

Seriously guys, at least take a glance at the "Notorious" book in the art of talking trash.

Of course, neither camp (nor the fighters) have to do much talking to promote the much-anticipated title fight, as it can easily sell itself, thanks to having the two biggest names in the sport attached to it.

Then again, a little verbal jab here and there won't hurt and will go a long way in convincing fans who are undecided if they want to fork over the $89.95 to watch the bout via pay-per-view (PPV).

Or are you already sold?

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