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Matt Brown confirms Nate Diaz fight 'isn't happening' at UFC 189

I guess Dana was right.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody puts Baby in the corner, and nobody books Nate Diaz for a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight without asking.

That's what happened earlier this week when Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced he was paired off with Matt Brown for the upcoming UFC 189 pay-per-view (PPV) event on July 11 in Las Vegas, despite the fact that Diaz wanted to first fight Anthony Pettis.

Turns out, he's fighting neither.

Pettis was recently booked to face Myles Jury at UFC on FOX 16 (more on that here).

No word yet if either Diaz or Brown are still attached to the UFC 189 fight card as matchmakers try to find new opponents, but hopefully they can do it on the up-and-up, and not try to "strong arm" anyone into a fight contract. We've already been down that road before.

And it isn't pretty.

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