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Michael Bisping: I never turned down Jacare Souza fight, his manager is 'full of sh-t'

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

How can you turn down a fight you were never offered?

That's a question Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Michael Bisping has for Gilberto Faria, who not only manages top contender Ronaldo Souza, but also told the mixed martial arts (MMA) media a tall tale about "The Count" running scared from the Brazilian grappler.

A fired up Bisping responds:

"Jacare's manager has said I turned down a fight with JacareMMA. And now it is the headline on all the MMA websites. 'Bisping was offered JacareMMA fight but turned it down' that is complete bullshit. The fight was never offered, the UFC didn't talk to me at all. I have signed a contract to fight in Montreal on the 25th but if the UFC asked me, I would have done it. Just like I have every time the UFC asked me to step up. JacareMMA is a great fighter, but his manager doesn't need to tell lies to make him sounds like a bad ass. Have a word with him JacareMMA, he's full of shit. Oh, and by the way. When we both get these fights out the way, let's do it!"

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Angry Brit is angry.

The promotion was on the prowl for fresh meat when Souza's original opponent, Yoel Romero, was bounced from this weekend's UFC on FOX 15 card due to injury. After a brief search, hot-and-cold middleweight Chris Camozzi agreed to fall on his sword (or score a major upset).

Speaking of upset, more Bisping venom right here.

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