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Video: Manny Pacquiao mistakes Justin Bieber for random Floyd Mayweather fan

Floyd Mayweather's sizable entourage has enjoyed at least one constant in recent years.

Pop sensation Justin Bieber.

The polarizing Canadian, who apparently met Floyd through his obsession with an app from a company in which Mayweather had invested, has walked out with Floyd for his last five fights, starting with his 2012 rematch against Miguel Cotto.

As such, it wasn't terribly surprising when he walked onto the stage during the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao press conference (video here), hugging Mayweather and joining the photo op as the pugilists promoted their May 2 super fight in Las Vegas (details).

That assumes, of course, that you could recognize him. Initially, Manny Pacquiao could not.

"I thought it was someone wanting to take a picture with [Floyd]," he said.

It's somewhat understandable, considering Bieber was bedecked in sunglasses and the kind of hat that neckbearded 24-year-olds find attractive. It also threw me for a bit, to be honest; I keep forgetting how small Floyd is and the concept of Bieber being taller than an adult is so alien to my brain that it didn't compute.

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