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Pic: The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 21 mansion is massive!

Fox Sports

Aside from the talent that comes out of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), many fight fans are eager to see just what kind of accommodations the up-and-coming contenders will be privy to during their six weeks in isolation.

During the past 20 editions of the popular reality show, there have been some very nice houses in place, but the upcoming TUF 21 season may top them all, as the house the fighters will be sharing is ridiculously huge. FOX Sports provide this graphical representation to give you a peek of the enormity of the mansion.

A mansion so big that its pool is big enough to have Shamu and friends over for a swim.

TUF House

Did you spot Nemo?

TUF 21 will pit two of the top gyms in mixed martial arts (MMA), American Top Team (ATT) and the Blackzilians, against one another in an elimination-style tournament with a $500,000 grand prize awarded to the winner at the conclusion of the FOX Sports 1 program, which debuts on Weds., April 22, 2015.

Get a sneak peek here.

And while past contestants have shared horror stories (splushi!) about being locked in a house for weeks on end with nothing to do but to train, eat, fight, and sleep, it's safe to assume leaving the Florida TUF house this time around will be bittersweet.

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