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Nate Diaz: Jose Aldo team f---ed up, should've smacked Conor McGregor's ass to the floor

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

One thing that is certain about Nate Diaz -- unlike his future fights -- is how the Stockton slugger doesn't bite his tongue and always tells it like it is.

Like it or not.

So when he gave his take on the memorable UFC 189 "World Tour," one that saw Conor McGregor constantly push the buttons of Jose Aldo throughout their 11-day trip, Diaz didn't pull any punches. As he explained on The MMA Hour, if an opponent gets in your face, you "smack his ass to the floor."

His comments (via MMA Fighting):

"[Aldo's] team is fucking up. Because let me tell you something: if I had Conor fighting somebody like that, and they were going to make sure one of the guys gets up in your face, you smack his ass to the floor. You know what I'm saying? You don't let somebody do that. Or just laugh at him. Like, [Aldo] got all bent out of shape when the guy took his belt. He should've just laughed at him, been like, ‘Keep the belt. This ain't about the belt. It's about your ass whooping.' I would've let him have it. Take that home and put it on. But hey, Conor McGregor, he's doing his thing. He's doing a good job of that and I'm not hating on him. I think he's doing a great job marketing himself. Everybody's forgotten who the champ is already because it's the McGregor show."

McGregor nearly set off a riot in Dublin, Ireland -- the final stop on the tour -- when he reached over and snatched "Junior's" belt. Prior to that, he hijacked the 145-pound hardware and taunted the champ with it. And that was just a taste of what "Notorious" did to make Aldo's life a living hell.

After all the shenanigans, Aldo managed to maintain his cool, something many in the fight game can't do. But on July 11, 2015, "Junior" will be able to unleash all the pent up aggression on the fiery Irishman when the two collide in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For more on that upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) card click here.

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